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Bundaberg to shine on Sunrise virtual tour

Sunrise TV Show Channel 7
Katherine Reid and Tricia Garson are putting Bundaberg on the Sunrise virtual tour map

Bundaberg will have a starring role on Channel 7’s national breakfast show Sunrise on Thursday, 23 April.

A Channel 7 spokesperson said the new segment during the weather was in response to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

“Like everyone else, Sam Mac and his crew are unable to travel so they’re doing their best pivot and continue to connect with their viewers using creative ways to continue to show them the far corners of Australia, even though they can't leave Sydney,” the spokesperson said.

“Sam Mac is starting something special on Sunrise in his weather segments, a virtual tour of Australia's A to Z.

“They will be devoting a morning to towns from each letter of the alphabet.

“The aim is to take viewers on a virtual trip of Australia, by showing clips sent in by locals, video calling people from the town, a mass Zoom gathering and a variety of other virtual fun.

Thursday is B for Bundaberg

“Wednesday they kicked off with Albury in New South Wales and Thursday is B in Bundaberg!”

Tricia Garson, a loyal Sunrise viewer, saw the call out for areas to nominate for the Virtual tour of Australia’s A to Z.

“I saw it being advertised two days ago and thought ‘I’m probably too late’ but decided to nominate Bundaberg anyway,” Tricia said.

“I put some photos in of Mon Repos, Bundy Rum, Bundy Brewed Drinks and Hinkler Hall of Aviation and was my usual enthusiastic self.”

Tricia got a message back saying Sunrise producers were going through entries and then was overjoyed when, a few hours later, she got a confirmation email.

“I was very excited that Bundaberg was chosen.

“I work at Bundy High and have become an unofficial tour guide, showing Japanese students around, as well as all our visitors.

“I’m so passionate about our region and delighted that the rest of Australia will see how much we have to offer.”

Great opportunity to showcase Bundaberg

Bundaberg Tourism CEO Katherine Reid said they were very happy to showcase Bundaberg.

“Bundaberg Tourism got the call from Sunrise producers on Tuesday to share with us this exciting opportunity for the region,” Katherine said. 

“Our team quickly pulled together a wonderful long list of good news stories from around the region, where the community spirit has shone and where businesses have diversified to keep delivering their service

“We have all sorts of wonderfully positive stories of the Bundaberg region community that connected with existing vision we have to support the coverage.

“This sort of coverage for the region is fantastic and gives us the chance to share some of the special things about our region. 

“Coming out the other side of these travel restrictions, we know that we’ll be competing with the rest of Australia’s destinations for the domestic traveller dollar, so national exposure like Sunrise is an awesome boost for destination awareness and the business community across our region.

Whilst we know we won’t be able to include everything; we’ll sure try to squeeze in as much as possible!”   

It’s not the first time that Bundaberg has been featured on the national Sunrise Breakfast Show.

As well as several Weather segments, Bundaberg was the winner of a national competition, “Bega – what’s your town famous for”, from 1300 entries chosen from around Australia.

In March 2010 Sunrise broadcast their entire show from Bundaberg Botanic Gardens, with a huge crowd joining in the celebration and national exposure.

To see “Bundaberg on Show” be watching Channel 7 Sunrise breakfast show on Thursday, 23 April.

You can keep up to date on their Facebook page.

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