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Horse owners reminded to vaccinate against Hendra virus

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Horse owners are being reminded to vaccinate their animals against Hendra virus.

The onset of cooler weather is a timely reminder for horse owners to make sure their animals are vaccinated against Hendra virus infection.

Agriculture Minister Mark Furner said Hendra virus infection could occur throughout the year, but in the past it's been more prevalent during winter.

“A registered vaccine is available to help prevent Hendra virus disease in horses,” Mr Furner said.

“Vaccination of horses is the most effective way to help manage Hendra virus disease. It also provides a public health and work health and safety benefit by reducing the risk of Hendra virus transmission to humans and other susceptible animals.”

Biosecurity Queensland Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Allison Crook said the Hendra virus vaccine first became available at the end of 2012.

“Since then, there have been very few cases of Hendra virus in horses in Queensland and we want to keep it that way,” she said.

“If a horse becomes sick, owners should contact their veterinarian immediately.

“People in contact with horses need to remember to continue to practise good biosecurity and personal hygiene measures, even if a horse is vaccinated against Hendra virus.”

For more information on prevention of Hendra virus or biosecurity steps in an incident, visit www.biosecurity.qld.gov.au or call 13 25 23.

For information on the vaccine, visit www.health4horses.com.au

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