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Moncrieff takes opportunity for revamp

Moncrieff Entertainment Centre
Mayor Jack Dempsey inspecting renovations being done at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre.

Moncrieff Entertainment Centre staff are taking the opportunity during the coronavirus closure to give the centre a major revamp.

Latest areas being worked on are the foyer, bar and auditorium.

Mayor Jack Dempsey said it’s an opportunity to get major work done.

“While we would never envisage the Moncrieff being closed for any length of time, the team have taken full advantage of the closure to get some much-needed work done,” Mayor Dempsey said.

Moncrieff Technical Coordinator David Hints said the foyer area would be of a high standard.

“We’ve changed the lighting in the foyer to LED lighting to minimise our carbon footprint,” David said.

“This week we’re doing renovations with the sound system in the foyer to install a new paging system.

“The work in the auditorium is now almost complete, with sound reinforcement being installed on the side walls, before curtains are added so the auditorium is at its best for all performances – musical, acoustic and spoken word.”

Many of the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre staff are working on the refurbishment projects.

Real team effort

Manager Rod Ainsworth said it was a real team effort.

“Our theatre technician, Jakob Baumgartner, is usually busy doing shows and maintenance, but he’s taken on the role of coordinating trades and contractors that are coming through from local businesses,” Rod said.

“He’s doing a great job and using his organisational and technical skills in a completely different way, which we appreciate.”

Senior Front of House Officer Trevor Green has also used his extensive experience in hospitality and theatre, said Rod.

“Trevor Green did the original design in the new bar area and it’s going to be a very functional and inviting space,” he said.

“There will be new floor coverings, shelving and appliances to bring them up to standard and the former bar will be turned into a food preparation area which can operate as a secondary servery as required.”

Mayor Dempsey said he's very impressed with the work being done.

“Everyone has worked together as a team to make the most of this down-time at the Moncrieff,” he said.

“The foyer is going to be a lovely warm space to walk into and I think patrons are going to be impressed with the candy bar and bar area.

 “The auditorium itself is going to be of the highest sound and visual quality for all types of performances, which I’m sure our patrons will appreciate.”

You can see some of the work being done at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre here.

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  1. I am impressed with what is being done I just hope you are doing something about the seating I understand that more seats mean more money per session but I and many of my friends find that there is one seat too many in each row., to make it easier for the elderly and the disabled as well as larger than normal sized people of which we have quite a few in Bundaberg.

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