Ingenia Gardens seniors remember our Anzacs

Ingenia Gardens
Ingenia Gardens Bundaberg resident Mrs Doris Grills holding photographs of her grandfather (left) and father (right)

Ingenia Gardens Bundaberg residents will line the sidewalk outside their homes – at a safe social distance − to commemorate the servicemen and women who served and sacrificed for our country in a dawn driveway tribute at 6am on Saturday 25 April 2020.

Residents of Ingenia Gardens Bundaberg are among the many who will answer the call for Australians to stand at the front of their homes and pay tribute to the Anzacs.

Ingenia Gardens Bundaberg resident Doris Grills − who will be attending the sidewalk service − has her own personal memories and ties to this solemn day of national remembrance.

“My father guarded the Urangan Pier, Hervey Bay, in 1942 during the Second World War but before this he was sent overseas which caused much sadness and fear for our family,” Mrs Grills said.

“Anzac Day is a day of sadness for me, but it’s an important day of remembrance and it means so much that I can still come together with my community this year to remember my father and all Australians who have served our country.”

Ingenia Gardens Community Manager Stephanie Dobbin said the cancellation of group gatherings could not stop residents from honouring the sacrifices of Australian men and women.

“We usually hold a memorial service, a community BBQ breakfast and serve up rum and milk for our residents when they come together on Anzac Day,” Ms Dobbin said.

“When these plans had to be cancelled it was wonderful to have this new idea on how we could still pay tribute from our homes.

“This solemn occasion has struck a chord with everyone I’ve spoken to this year and is one that is bringing our residents together and making them feel united.”