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Surprise stowaway snake travels from Mackay

Stow away snake surprise
A six-hour car trip has left Emma Weder a little shocked, after she realised there was a surprise stowaway snake hidden in her pot plants that she was transporting from Mackay to Bundaberg on Friday.

On her six-hour journey from Mackay to Bundaberg, Emma Weder didn’t realise she had a stowaway snake hidden among her belongings.

Emma, who was returning to live in Bundaberg after a five-month working contract in Mackay, had unknowingly transported a small python, which was wrapped snugly between pot plants in a box that she had seated right beside her on the front seat of her car, all the way to Bundaberg.

After arriving at her parent's place in Bargara, Emma’s father removed the cardboard box as he thought the plants looked dry, and thinking they needed some water.

“My plants were in a box the night before outside, then put them in the car Friday morning before I left Mackay,” Emma said.

“Dad offered to get my plants out of the car because they needed a water.”

Emma said her father put the box on the outside table and initially didn't notice the stowaway snake curled tightly in a ball between her Fiddle Leaf Fig and her Syngonium.

“He put it on the outside table, and I saw the little snake,” she said.

“Dad didn’t see it for a while.”

Emma said she was terrified of snakes and it was a traumatic afternoon; she was relieved her dad was there to help.

“My dad handled it well,” she said.

“Now to check the rest of my car.”

Posting her experience on the Crazy Indoor Plant People Australia Facebook page, Emma was met with more than 400 comments from followers, some saying it was lucky the stow away snake didn’t slither around the car during the trip, while it took some a little while to spot the camouflaged reptile, another follower wrote that it could have been worse.

“He could have tried to give you a kiss while you were driving – glad he didn’t!” they wrote.

Emma said it wasn’t the best situation to be in, but after a drink to calm her nerves the stow away snake had been relocated and was now safe and well.

“He (the snake) has been released this morning safely,” she said.

“Yes, some alcohol soothed the soul!”

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