Moore Park Beach Scouts’ novel fundraiser sizzles

Moore Park Beach Scouts
Moore Park Beach Scouts getting ready for when they can do their sausage sizzle fundraisers again – Cub Scout Caitlyn, Group Leader Jim Harrop and Joey Robb

Moore Park Beach Scout Group has come up with a novel way to run their popular sausage sizzle fundraiser. People can donate now and pick up their tasty treats when Coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

Group Leader Jim Harrop, who took on the role in March, said they were looking for a way to raise funds that tied in with past successes.

“Sausage sizzles have always formed the main fundraising source for our group and I hoped this idea would help tap into the memories of previous fundraisers,” Jim said.

“Also we wanted to offer it almost as a pre-pay sausage sizzle – support us now and when restrictions finally lift, come down in person and we will give you your snag!”

As well as being able to buy sausage sizzles and chocolates at $2 each, the Moore Park Beach Scout Group are accepting donations, which are 100% tax deductible.

“We have a goal of $350, given the current crisis we didn’t want it to be unreachable or a financial stretch for support.

“We have already raised $140 to date and have had donations from the UK and Victoria.”

It’s not only with fundraising that the group is being innovative, but also with their scouting operations.

“As our motto goes Be Prepared!

“We have adapted by running a Scouting@Home program.

“This gives the Scouts a chance to keep scouting during social restrictions by doing badge work, and the leaders support them by email, facebook, messenger etc.

“It makes it harder as I took over as Group Leader in March and on my first day I had to stop all in-person meetings when the social restrictions came in!

“I even haven’t met some of the Scouts or their parents/carers but they have been great, very supportive and we are staying strong as a group and look forward to getting back camping and outdoors.”

Group achieves Anzac badge

Jim said the Group achieved “Their Service our Heritage 2020” Anzac badge by being part of the local commemorations.

“The Group members attended their own ANZAC driveway ceremonies, shared pictures of baking ANZAC biscuits with their parents and created wreaths and Light up the Dawn candles at home,” Jim said.

“I was very proud they were all out in their uniform to remember our servicemen & women, they then shared images and video so I could sign them off for the badge.

“The big change is going digital when we’d usually be around the campfire!”

Anyone wanting to order a sausage sizzle in advance or make a donation can go to the group’s Go Fund Me page: People can donate on the Go Fund Me page here.

We will contact you when we get to cook again when social restrictions ease.

“Just present your receipt & enjoy your treats or if you’d like to just donate we’d love that too!”

To keep up to date with Moore Park Beach Scouts news follow their Facebook page.

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