Council streamlines payment options for plumbing applications

Council plumbing fees Country to Coast Homes
Local building company Country to Coast Homes, who trialled the new plumbing charging system

Bundaberg Regional Council has developed a new system for making payments for plumbing applications, which will make the process streamlined and simpler.

Council’s Branch Manager – Water Services, Narelle D’Amico, said the process will help local business operations.

“This new step demonstrates the value that Council places on being customer-focussed, by providing streamlined processes to support local Businesses,” Narelle said.

Plumbing Compliance Manager Patrick McNamara explained the change in process.

“Until now making a payment for a plumbing application required our customers, (builders, plumbers and property owners) to take time out of their work day to come into a Service Centre or phone the Call Centre and make payment over the phone with a credit card”, Patrick said.

“This created issues for the customer and call centre staff as payment information was not easily accessible and had to be done in Council office hours.

“We can now issue a Tax Invoice when people lodge a plumbing application, rather then using the previous Council Fee Sheet system.

“This will make it easy for customers to pay their fees electronically (eServices or Bpay), any time of day or night as it suits their business needs.”

To develop the new system Council did live testing with regular customer Country to Coast Homes.

Ren from Country to Coast Homes said the system was a major improvement.

“We were pleased to be asked by Council to trial their new system,” Ren said.

“It has been difficult to find time to phone the Call Centre from time to time when I’m either on the tools, or in limited phone reception and give credit card details in the past.

“We have found the new tax invoice process is so easy and once we have the Council details in our system, we can do it with the touch of a button.”

To lodge a plumbing application find out more details here.