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Coronavirus update: Tape comes down at park benches

Coronavirus update
Coronavirus update

Bundaberg Regional Council will be removing tape and mesh from park bench spaces in time for the weekend as Coronavirus measures are lifted.

The State Government has announced from Saturday, restrictions will be relaxed on movement across Queensland so people will have more opportunity to go outside for enjoyment.

While Council will open up seating areas around the region, barbecues will remain switched off until further notice.

According to State Government directions:

You can

  • leave home for essential activities including:
  • shop for food
  • see a doctor or healthcare professional
  • work
  • outdoor exercise

Enjoy recreational activities within 50km of your home, including:

  • going for a picnic
  • sitting on a park bench to enjoy your lunch or coffee
  • having a driving lesson with members of your householdgoing on a motorbike or boat trip
  • going to the shops to buy things other than food or drink

You can go out with people from your household or, if you go out as a single person you can have one other person with you.

You still can't

  • go to other cities
  • gather in large groups
  • go to the gym
  • go to a spa
  • go camping
  • go to areas with restricted access such as Fraser Island

Remember, you still need to:

– be within 50 km of your home unless you are doing essential activity

– practice social distancing and use good hygiene

Outings are limited to members of the same household or an individual and one friend.

All rules regarding social gatherings and limits on visitors remain in place.


All information regarding the COVID-19 restrictions in Queensland is available on the Queensland Health website.

Council does not have any role in enforcement of COVID-19 restrictions.

For specific questions about the change in restrictions please view the Queensland Health website or contact Queensland Health directly.



  1. How about letting kids play at playgrounds, it is cruel and unnecessary to have them taped up

  2. Everything needs to happen gradually…it would be even more cruel to watch a child suffer from the virus.

  3. Come on, let’s at least call this for what it is.
    It’s protection of the older people in our community, kids who get this most likely will have nothing more than a sniffle, like every flu season.

  4. Tim G – Are you a doctor or a medical expert?. Your comment is insulting and obnoxious, as every human life is precious, regardless of age. An old person is just as important as a young person and all these protections are for the benefit of the whole community. Shame on your callous uncaring and uniformed attitude!

  5. Yes, and let’s not even begin to discuss the long term economic damage this lockdown will have on our children, and children’s children.

    Viruses are not a new phenomenon!

    Of course every life is precious!

    Our government has handled this well enough, but it’s time to get moving again.

    I feel no shame for voicing my opinion Graham C, it’s just as valid as yours.

  6. I also encourage everybody to stay informed by reading the worldwide percentile of deaths caused by Covid 19 as published by the WHO.

    Under 9 years old 0%
    10- 19 – 0.18%
    20-49 – 0.32%
    50-59- 1.3%
    60-69- 3.6%
    70-79- 8%
    Over 80- 14.8%

    These are real figures as at 9 April.

    Also I encourage everyone to read the CDC ‘S report on influenza deaths in America 2017/ 2018.

    The figures may shock you as the percentiles of death by flu and actual deaths recorded (up to 75000/ flu season, are similar in the US.

    Stay informed and let’s be real.

    Everyone draw there own conclusions on these figures.

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