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New train art under way at railway museum

Bundaberg Railway Museum
Local artist Mark Terry working on the new painting for the North Bundaberg Railway Museum.

A large painting of a steam locomotive will hang proudly at the North Bundaberg Railway Museum when it's completed by local artist Mark Terry.

Mark was commissioned by volunteers of the museum through his business Mark Art Creative Enterprises to design a new, eye-catching piece for the facility at 28 Station Street.

He said the sign featured a BB18 1/4 No.1079 steam locomotive.

“The painting is unique and comprises mainly of me trying out new things,” Mark said.

“While the layout is based on the original sign, this one is far brighter and eye-catching.”

Mark said the project had started off as a challenge but was slowly taking shape into something great

“It was a real struggle to paint at first because it took a while to start looking any good,” he said.

“I always feel very responsible for not only the customer liking the sign but also everyone who sees it.

“I'm very conscious that a product like that should outlast its functional life so I try to get heaps of good quality paint on and then clearcoat it at the end.”

It's one of the bigger projects Mark has worked on lately, with his previous peices well-known around town.

“Recently I have painted the new TJM signage which is the biggest TJM sign in Australia,” he said.

“I also just finished a bee hive mural at Splitters Farm.

“The biggest mural I have created is the Taste Bundaberg Mural that I did with Creative Regions at The Brewhouse.”

Mark said what he loved most about his work was the reactions he received from his family once a piece was finished.

“I love when my wife and kids are proud of me,” he said.

And Mark's family are not his only fans, with the volunteers at the North Bundaberg Railway Museum excited to see his next masterpeice hanging at their facility.

“I'm very excited about it,” Bundaberg Railway Museum secretary Jim Morris said.

“We decided to change it up slightly from the original sign where the train was directly face on,” he said.

“We instead thought it would be better for the train to be slightly side-facing to really get the extra details in there.”

Jim said the artwork would depict the BB18 1/4 No.1079 steam locomotive which was once a British-made passenger train.

The art project has been made possible through the Gambling Community Benefit Fund Qld.

The completed artwork.

North Bundaberg Railway Museum

The original North Bundaberg Railway Station is preserved as a Railway Historical Museum with railway memorabilia, signal cabin, guard's van, old rolling stock, miniature diesel loco, ganger shed and more.

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