Bargara Book Boutique turns a new page

Bargara Book Boutique
Bargara Book Boutique is nestled across the road from Bargara Beach Hotel. New owner Tunja Cottier said for as long as she could remember it had always been a book exchange and she was looking forward to reopening its doors.

The little book shop in Bargara is turning a new page, as new owner Tunja Cottier is busy cataloguing the 4000 plus books on the shelves of Bargara Book Boutique.

Bargara Book Boutique is nestled across the road from the Bargara Beach Hotel and is set to reopen next month with an expanded range including records.

Tunja said for as long as she could remember the store had always been a book exchange, and she was looking forward to reopening its doors.

With a wealth of business experience behind her, Tunja said the timing to buy the quaint little coastal bookstore was perfect after she stumbled upon the previous owner expressing an interest to sell.

“I am busily sorting, cataloguing and redecorating behind the papered-up windows, it will be a whole different experience, and hopefully an enjoyable one for both existing and new customers,” she said.

“I grew up here in Bargara, its coastline was my playground, as it is now for my own children.

“Even though I have moved away a few times, I always end up back here, it will always be home.

“It is in the best possibly location, central and surrounded by wonderful, independently owned businesses who have already been so welcoming and friendly.” 

Growing up in Bargara Tunja admits she didn’t fall in love with books until she was in her late 20s when she started reading to help with her insomnia, and now finds she stays awake because she can’t put a good read down.

“Now, I fall asleep every night with a book,” she said.

“I also regularly spend an entire Sunday reading, I really enjoy it and love getting lost in a good book.”

Bargara Book Boutique will sell records too

Bargara Book Boutique will also sell vinyl records; Tunja says mainly because she loves them herself, and because they are becoming more popular nowadays.

“I have had a couple of businesses, most recently, a little record store in Maleny,” Tunja said.

“I absolutely loved my little shop and living in the tourist driven community that Maleny is, but I was very homesick, missed my family and friends here in Bargara, so, I moved home about two years ago.    

“I have a range of second-hand records and I will look at stocking new ones too if the demand is there. 

“Just like books, I will always be happy to buy unwanted collections of records.

“I will also be able to help people source books and records too. 

“I will also be stocking a range of locally made art, craft and gift lines; I think it’s very important to support our local micro and small businesses and being in central Bargara, I am in the prime position to showcase our local talents to our regions visitors, once tourism kicks off again.

Tunja said a good book was one that was nearly impossible for the reader to put down.

“It’s different for everyone, but for me a good book is one that I stay up till 2am reading,” she said.

Tunja said when Bargara Book Boutique reopens its door on 1 June people would be able to take in their unwanted books and exchange them for store credit, which will allow them to either purchase another book from the store or sell their books to her if they preferred.

“There is a huge range of novels, but also non-fiction too, biographies and true stories,” she said.

“We also have children’s books and fiction for young adults and teenagers. 

“We have cook books, books on gardening and craft as well as new age books based on spirituality, self-help and natural healing.  “Poetry, books about art and non-fictions books covering a huge range of topics. There really is something for everyone.”

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