Katelyn takes on The May 50K to fight MS

Katelyn Murray The May 50K
Katelyn Murray is raising money for Multiple Sclerosis in The May 50K challenge.

Katelyn Murray has laced up her joggers and is ready to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis in The May 50K challenge.

The May 50K is a fitness and fundraising challenge for Kiss Goodbye to MS, MS Research Australia’s national fundraising campaign, where participants walk or run 50 kilometres throughout the month of May to raise funds for life-changing research into Multiple Sclerosis.

Initially, when Katelyn decided to take on The May 50K she didn’t realise she knew anyone with Multiple Sclerosis, and she was doing it because exercise had always been an important priority for her – not only to keep herself physically fit, but more importantly to look after her mental health.

But then a friend of a friend heard she was taking part and she reached out to say thank you, which then inspired Katelyn even more to keep running.

“A mutual friend, my age, reached out and shared their recent diagnosis of MS with me, and how grateful they were that I was helping to raise money for MS research through The May 50K,” Katelyn said.

“It just showed me that you never truly know the struggles someone is going through and something as simple a walking or running or even moving that we can sometimes take for granted.

“My first run was dedicated to her, and I will continue to run for everyone who is connected to this condition in some way.”

The May 50K informs about MS

Since signing up for The May 50K, Katelyn, who is also an oral health therapist at Harris Dental Boutique, said she realised how devastating the disease could be, and she wanted to help in any way she could.

“What I learnt about the condition early on, was that MS is the most widespread disabling neurological condition of young adults around the world, and that most people who are diagnosed with MS are in their 20s or 30s, which is my age, who face the daily challenge of moving and pain amongst many other debilitating effects,” Katelyn said.

“I am very grateful, to be able to move my body freely with no pain and feel fortunate to be running for that reason.

“This fundraiser has given me motivation to move my body while I can and has inspired me to learn more about this condition and share it with others.”

Katelyn said at first her goal for The May 50K was to raise $250 and complete 50km in the month of May in support of raising money for MS, but this quickly changed.

“Once I had committed and signed up, I wanted to do more to help this cause,” she said.

“With no expectations, I decided that if I was able to raise $100, I would double my kilometres and aim to complete 100Km in the month of May.

“Shortly after, my partner checked my donation page, and much to my amazement, I had raised just over $100!

“I could not believe it, so much support in such a small amount of time.”

“In just two days, with the amazing support and generosity of the people surrounding me, together we have managed to reach my initial goal of raising $250 for life-changing medical MS research.”

Katelyn has now increased her goal to $500, hoping to continue raising funds and contribute to better treatments and ultimately a cure for MS.

“I have been truly overwhelmed with the support I have received through donations and kind messages; raising money and spreading information about this condition,” Katelyn said.

To follow Katelyn’s The May 50K journey check out the updates on Harris Dental Boutique’s Facebook page; or to donate click here.


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