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Brrrrr… Saturday’s big chill gets even colder

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It's going to be a chilly Saturday with the maximum temperature expected to be 12 degrees.

Get out your tracksuits because Saturday's temperature is expected to be even cooler than first reported.

The maximum of 16 degrees announced earlier this week will drop even further, with the Bureau of Meteorology confirming the Bundaberg Region was set for a top of just 12 degrees.

Meteorologist Shane Kennedy said Saturday's temperature would smash the May record by four degrees and was being caused by a number of weather elements.

“The cooler weather will be caused by a couple of factors,” he said.

“First, we have a cloud band moving across the state over the next few days which will produce a bit of rainfall.

“Bundaberg is expected to see about 25mm on Saturday.”

Bundaberg's weather for the weekend. BOM forecast.

Shane said the cloud band was travelling from Indonesia and would be undercut by some cold, drier air to the south.

“This is why Bundaberg will see that big drop in temperature,” he said.

“The cold, drier air, mixed with the cloud band, will produce chillier-than-usual weather.”

The cool weather isn't expected to last too long through, with Sunday climbing back up to a maximum of 20 degrees.

Nights will still remain chilly at a minimum of 9 degrees until Tuesday.

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