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CBD parking returns to normal

Regulated parking in the CBD
With COVID-19 restrictions easing and business returning to semi-normal, Bundaberg traders have had their request granted to reinstate parking controls in the CBD.

With COVID-19 restrictions easing and business returning to semi-normal, Bundaberg traders have had their request granted to reinstate parking controls in the CBD.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Council endorsed a mayoral minute to suspend parking restrictions at its meeting on 24 March.

This was intended to assist residents gain easy and safe access to businesses in the CBD that were able to continue trading during restrictions imposed by the State Government.

Council later received a petition from CBD business owners expressing concern that unrestricted parking was having adverse impacts.

Council today agreed to resume regulated parking from 1 June 2020.

Council’s Health, Compliance and Enforcement portfolio spokesperson, Cr May Mitchell, said while the unregulated parking will be missed, the reinstatement of regulated parking will be good for CBD businesses now that trading and movement restrictions are being relaxed.

“Regulated parking will free up valuable parking spaces and ensure that shoppers will be able to get a park,” Cr Mitchell said.

“With so many free, all day parks available within walking distance of the CBD, workers can still be accommodated, while shoppers will be able to get a regulated park close to their favourite businesses.”

Bundaberg and District Chamber of Commerce president Tim Sayre said the return of regulated parking was a good thing.

“The Chamber of Commerce actually welcomes the return of regulated parking, as it is a positive sign that people are returning to our CBD, supporting our local businesses and helping our economy to recover,” he said.

“The return of regulated parking demonstrates a growth in the number of people in the CBD precinct, working and shopping, returning to life pre-COVID and is a great sign of recovery.”

Linda Tindale from Bundaberg Health Foods is looking forward to having regulated parking reinstated.

“It will mean that my customers who often are elderly, will be able to park close most of the time and not have to walk far,” Linda said.

Regulated parking will begin again on Monday, 1 June.

For full details and a map of regulated parking areas visit Council’s website.

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