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Rechenberg installs fever detection camera

Rechenberg's fever detection camera in action.

The team at Rechenberg Security in Bundaberg have installed a fever detection camera to help aid the fight against COVID-19.

Marketing and social media coordinator Kelsey Rechenberg said the business was responsible for monitoring alarms throughout Australia and New Zealand from their control room in Bundaberg.

“To aid us in the combat against COVID-19, and ensure none of our team members contract the virus, we recently installed a fever detection camera outside of the control room,” she said.

“These devices are thermal cameras that screen our control room operators for a high temperature before entering.

“If someone does have a high temperature, it may indicate that they have been exposed to COVID-19.”

Kelsey said the camera could detect someone's temperature by looking at the head of the person before presenting their temperature to the screen.

“Equipped with artificial intelligence, intelligent deep learning algorithms and advanced detectors, our camera has an accuracy down to 0.5 degrees,” she said.

“If a high temperature is detected, an alert is generated in the control room, which we will manage from there within our policies on how to manage a person who has presented with a high temperature.”

Kelsey said the main reason for installing the fever detection camera was to minimise the risk of the team contracting the virus, which would result in isolation and the potential spread of the illness throughout the control room.

“We monitor everything from homes, business, and banks to medical devices that protect lives,” she said.

“For us, an interruption of service is not an option.”

Find out more about Rechenberg Security here.


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