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Port land use plan released for comment

Port land use plan
A draft land use plan has been released for the Port of Bundaberg.

Gladstone Ports Corporation this week released its Draft Bundaberg Land Use Plan (LUP) for public review and comment.

Acting chief executive Craig Walker said the plan identifies strategic port land to be used for port and related industry development.

“An LUP offers an opportunity for communities to provide feedback on how strategic port land is developed and managed,” Mr Walker said.

“Development on strategic port land is assessable under the provisions of the Planning Act 2016.

“The LUP provides the framework for GPC to assess and approve development on the land.

“The plan also includes maps of the strategic port land, showing the different precincts allocated across the port area.

“We are resolute in our commitment to the Port of Bundaberg and believe it will continue to go from strength to strength.”

GPC invites interested people to review the Draft LUP and have their say on the future of the Port of Bundaberg.

The draft plan says the Port of Bundaberg is important State Government infrastructure which must remain commercially viable and continue to contribute to the local, regional, state and national economies as well as returning profits to the State.

It says management and operation of the port will focus on facilitating trade through the port and maximising the region’s prosperity.

Deliverable outcomes are identified to include:

  • Capital investment is directed into facilities to maintain the Port of Bundaberg as a State strategic port and world-class port facility.
  • Development optimises existing infrastructure before the construction of new infrastructure.
  • Development advances the role of the Port of Bundaberg as an economic, freight and logistics hub and supports improvements in supply chain efficiency and resilience.
  • Development involving infrastructure is not limited in its capacity to meet customer needs in terms of potential cargo and visiting ships.
  • Land use planning outcomes respond to and accommodate changes in user demands, regional factors and global market trends to support existing and new trade options into and from the Port of Bundaberg.
  • Development provides local and regional employment opportunities that contribute to the local, regional, state and national economies.
  • Development and land use planning complements the desired outcomes of the State Development Area.
  • Development and land use planning recognises and supports growth of the tourism industry and the opportunity for the Port of Bundaberg to become a future boutique cruise ship destination.
  • Land is identified and will be available for future expansion to accommodate new trade pathways and infrastructure requirements to meet the Port of Bundaberg’s long-term strategic needs.
  • Development and land use planning recognises and supports tourism, recreational and commercial fishing and other maritime uses in the marina precinct and adjacent land as well as the Burnett Heads Boat Harbour.

Public consultation will continue until Friday 7 August 2020, with submissions to be made online, via post or email.

Port of Bundaberg
A map of the Port of Bundaberg showing strategic port land and the State Development Area.



  1. It is great that public comment is sought however it appears to fall on deaf ears. The Port lost on average 3 million dollars a year for the last eleven years under the same management. I am not aware of any company that would allow the same management to lose this type of money for so long, heads would roll. We have had two of Australia’s largest most successful developers come to the Port with over 100 million dollars each only to walk away because in their view, the management had no idea what they were doing. The Port of Bundaberg will never see another developer whilst it is managed by the current management. You might say there is an unofficial black ban on the Port as developers talk when they get stuffed around. On the other hand, should new management be appointed, that would see a change of heart from developers who have a vision for our region.

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