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Owen a recycling role model…at nine

Recycling role model Owen Taylor, aged 9

Owen Taylor might only be nine years old, but he’s a recycling role model for many others in the Bundaberg region.

He has become a mini-entrepreneur with big plans for the recycling funds he’s earning as he cashes in on empty cans and containers.

So far he’s recycled almost 30,000 items in an attempt to save enough money to buy his first car when he’s old enough.

Owen’s recycling drive originates from the love he and his family have for the Great Outdoors and seeing first-hand the impact littering has on the environment.

The bubbly youngster loves being active at the beach and hates the thought of local wildlife being affected by discarded rubbish.

“I like going to the beach, camping and fishing. I just don’t get it,” Owen said referring to people who threaten the lives of wildlife by throwing empty cans and bottles and other plastics into the region’s waterways.

Owen’s mum, Tahlee Taylor, said her son started noticing litter when he was as young as three.

She said the Containers for Change program, where people got 10 cents for every empty container provided, was a great incentive that enabled everyone to earn some money while also doing the right thing for the environment.

“Each bottle is like a 10c coin, just sitting there on the ground,” Owen explained.

Having recently set up Owen’s own recycling Facebook page, the family has been inundated with calls from people with bottles for collection.

To donate your cans to Owen and to arrange a collection visit his Facebook page, Owen’s Recycling.

Owen encouraged others to do the right thing and protect the environment.

It’s a message shared by IMPACT Community Services’ Enterprises General Manager Robert Henderson.

IMPACT manages the Bundaberg region’s Material Recycling Facility where all the yellow-top bins go for processing.

The recycling facility not only helps the environment, but also provides work opportunities for people with disabilities in the Bundaberg region.

All the contents of the wheelie bins are processed by IMPACT staff, who sort out the recyclable product.

Here are IMPACT’s top five recycling tips for your yellow-top bins:

  • Leave recyclables loose
  • Fold boxes to save space
  • You don’t need to crush tins and cans
  • Rinse recyclables for a better end product
  • Never place sharps or medical waste in your recycle bin.

IMPACT also runs its own Containers for Change drop-off point.

If you'd like to be recycling role model like Owen and recycle your empty containers; simply take them to our refund point, located at 78 University Drive, Bundaberg.

Make sure you visit the Containers for Change website beforehand, where you will need to sign up for your scheme account so you can receive your first refund.

This allows your refunds to be paid directly into your bank account. 

Then drop off your containers in a secured bag with a tag, including your name, scheme ID and phone number at the CRS shed (beside the Material Recovery Facility on University Drive).


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