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Police ask drivers to pay attention these school holidays

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Queensland police are reminding drivers in the Bundaberg Region that today is the first of the winter school holidays and to pay extra attention on the road.

Police are reminding drivers in the Bundaberg Region that today is the first of the winter school holidays and to pay extra attention on the road.

Commissioner Katarina Carroll joined Assistant Commissioner Ben Marcus for the official launch of school holiday road safety campaign, Operation Sierra Cold Snap, on Friday.

Between Saturday, 27 June and Friday, 17 July, the Queensland Police Service (QPS) will coordinate the state-wide road safety operation with the aim of stopping lives lost and serious traffic crashes and improving road safety over the busy school holiday period and into the first week of returning to school.

It was only last weekend that Bundaberg Police recorded 782 roadside breath tests (RBT) and issued 65 infringement notices with a large number of these being for exceeding the speed limit, unregistered vehicles and failing to wear seat belts.

Three drivers were also issued with notice to appears in the Bundaberg Magistrates Court for allegedly driving with an illicit drug in their system and one driver for driving whilst unlicensed.

With school holidays beginning today, Bundaberg Police will be continuing a zero-tolerance approach towards the Fatal Five to ensure the period remains fatality free.

Commissioner Carroll said with COVID-19 restrictions easing, Queenslanders would be out exploring their state these holidays, but it was important they travelled safely.

“We are in a unique situation where families will be taking advantage of being able to travel further away from home for the school holidays and we expect traffic to increase significantly on our road network,” Commissioner Carroll said.

“If you are travelling on the roads over the coming weeks, you will see a highly visible police presence, as well as roadside drug and alcohol testing and speed camera operations with a focus on those areas where we expect to see an increase in road users.

“We have seen 15 more lives lost on our roads compared to this time last year and a noticeable increase in high speed offences.  We ask all road users to drive or ride to the conditions and always consider the consequences of their choices.

“As people get back out there on the roads, we are encouraging everyone to make safe choices as we know this is how we can stop serious injuries and lives lost on our roads – don’t drive if you are tired, watch your speed, drive to the conditions and avoid distraction.”

Assistant Commissioner Ben Marcus said the operation would reinforce the fatal five factors – speeding, drink/drug driving, distraction, fatigue and seat belt use.

“During last year’s Operation Cold Snap there were 14 lives lost on our roads. This is not just a number, every death on our road has many far-reaching impacts from the victims, to their families and our officers who are often first on scene,” Assistant Commissioner Marcus said.

“If you are out there these school holidays and you are not following the road rules, you are putting your life and others’ lives in danger.

“This operation is to ensure the safety of all road users. The road rules will be enforced by officers so if you see officers out and about or are stopped for a random driver test, know that they have your safety in mind.”

For more information on Operation Sierra Cold Snap click here.

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