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Giant kookaburra laughs all the way to Bundaberg

The giant laughing Kookaburra flew into Bundaberg today, much to the delight of locals.

Bundaberg residents got a laugh out of the 4.5-metre-tall mechanical kookaburra as it passed through town, visiting schools and iconic Bundaberg locations along the way.

That laughter is exactly why sculptor Dr. Farvardin Daliri created the kookaburra and was also the reason that Bundaberg local and Healthy Nations CEO Paul Timms felt the need to help co-ordinate Favardin’s trip to Bundaberg.

Paul, who is closely involved with the Kookaburras Junior AFL Club, said it was the perfect match for Bundaberg.

“I’m very passionate about the Kookaburras, which is our junior sporting program and it’s a perfect match for us,” he said.

“I’ve been following Favardin’s trip and helping co-ordinate visits and I was really surprised by the connection people have with the kookaburra. People love the animal and people are really blown away by the movement and the laughter.”

“I’ve never seen an art piece like this engage people in such a way as this – it’s magical.

“It cuts across all age groups, all nationalities, all levels of social economic status.”

Laughter is the best medicine

The kookaburra, which emits its own iconic laugh, is a passion project of Dr. Farvardin Daliri, who used his time in COVID lockdown to build the eight-and-half metre long, and four-and-half metre tall kookaburra.

It’s that laugh which has brought joy to so many people who have witnessed the kookaburra flying past on the road, and Dr Farvardin said the kookaburra was all about spreading cheer in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

“Right now, the one thing that is needed more than anything is to inspire people to feel happy,” he said.

“The hopelessness that is coming around because of COVID 19 needs to be somehow balanced and counterbalanced, and i think this is a humble contribution from my end to make people laugh for a few moments and I hope I could do more.

“In this situation it is only a piece of artwork, but so many kids just want to touch it … they want to cheer and laugh with it.  In their nature there is already joy, but we have to create the environment for them to express it, and that’s the kookaburra’s job, to just make them laugh.”

Included in the kookaburra’s schedule was a visit to the aptly called Kookaburras Junior Football club.

Giant Kookaburra visits Bundaberg’s own Kookaburras

Included in the kookaburra’s schedule was a visit to the aptly called Kookaburras Junior Football club.

Kookaburras president Brett Binstead said the club has a strong focus on fun, friendship and family which paired perfectly with the motifs of the big kookaburra.

“We met the kookaburra at Childers and Apple Creek Tree last night, and the kids, you just can’t get smiles off their faces. For us, that’s what it’s all about, and it’s so great to be involved in getting the kookaburra here,” Brett said.

The Kookaburra will be flying to Moore Park Beach tomorrow and Gin Gin on Sunday.

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