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Bundaberg Now weekend sports report

William Bath
William Bath turns on the ball for UPE Black in their Under-16 clash with ATW United on Saturday

Halfback Ryan Bugeja amassed a massive 26 points with two tries and six goals as Wests Panthers plucked Easts Magpies 60-6 in their Bundaberg Junior Rugby League Under-15 clash at Salter Oval on Sunday.

The Panthers also powered on in Under-18, outgunning Wallaroos 40-16 with co-captains centre Jensen Deamer and hooker Joel Baldwin each bagging doubles and Deamer also kicking five goals for an 18-point haul.

In the Football Wide Bay Premier League, co-leaders Across The Waves and Bingera each maintained their unbeaten records with victories over KSS Jets and United Park Eagles respectively, while it was a red-letter day for Bargara, keeping their hopes alive with a Riccardo Gastaldello double firing them to a gutsy 4-2 win at the expense of Sunbury.

Waves Cities preserved their perfect record in the Hockey Bundaberg Men’s division with rising superstar Ryley Stevens hammering in four goals in a 7-1 blitz of All Blacks.

In the AFL Wide Bay Seniors, Waves Eagles bounced back from their loss to premiers Bay Power to outclass cross-town rivals Brothers Bulldogs 9.14 (68) to 2.6 (18) but the Power retained their position at the top of the table, scrapping a come-from-behind three-point win over Hervey Bay Bombers in a low scoring affair.

Here are all the scores:

AFL Wide Bay


Across The Waves Eagles 1.4, 5.6, 7.9, 9.14 (68) defeated Brothers Bulldogs 0.1, 0.4, 2.5, 2.6 (18).

Across The Waves Goal Kickers. J. Bethune 3, J. Fitzpatrick 2, P. Power 2, N. Van Eekeren, J. Forrestall.

Brothers Bulldgos Goal Kickers. J. Conder, J. Baulch; Best Players: A. Rendell, T. Taylor, S. Gordon, J. Baulch, G. Webb, B. Davis.

Bay Power 0.2, 2.6, 2.7, 4.9 (33) defeated Hervey Bay Bombers 3.2, 3.3, 4.6, 4.6 (30).

Bay Power Goal Kickers. J. Wheeler 2, M. Saunders, J. Fredericks; Best Players: L. Smith, T. Bennetts, D. McGreevy, J. Stothard, T. Burch, D. Alexander.

Hervey Bay Goal Kickers. L. Hodgetts 2, L. O'Toole, L. Woodhams; Best Players: H. Telfer, D. Johnstone, C. Wicks, J. Andrew, J. Hickey, B. Ottery.


Across The Waves Eagles 3.0, 5.5, 10.8, 14.11 (95) defeated Brothers Bulldogs 1.0, 2.1, 2.1, 3.2 (20).

Across the Waves Goal Kickers: K. Perry 2, T. Seeds 2, A. Richardson 2, J. Walker, L. McLeod, J. Johnson, T. Jater, H. Schneider, M. Jonsson-Harlacz, N. Gregson, A. Mason.

Brothers Bulldogs Goal Kickers: J. Hosford, Z. Mercieca, J. Fry; Best Players: D. Krebs, J. Turnbull, J. Fry, S. Brady, D. -2Wagner, J. Kelsey.

Hervey Bay Bombers 3.2, 4.3, 7.5, 12.9 (81) defeated Maryborough Bears 0.2, 0.3, 1.3, 1.3 (9)


Hervey Bay Bombers 5.4, 8.7, 12.9, 15.14 (104) defeated Bay Power 1.1, 2.4, 2.5, 3.6 (24).


Across The Waves Eagles 25.18 (168) defeated Brothers Bulldogs 0.0 (0).

Hervey Bay Bombers 4.9 (33) defeated Bay Power 4.5 (29).


Brothers Bulldogs 7.5 (47) defeated Across The Waves Eagles 2.3 (15).

Hervey Bay Bombers Black 5.8 (38) defeated Hervey Bay Bombers Red 4.2 (26).

Football, Bundaberg

Angus Wild
Angus Wild makes a run for Bingera Fire in their under-9 clash with ATW United

Wide Bay Premier League

Bargara 4 (R Gastaldello 2, G Balart, T Locke) defeated Sunbury 2 (T Bedford, A Mollee).

Brothers-Aston Villa 8 (L Scarborough 2, J Bennier 2, J Stromquist, J Chapman, N Jackson, M Stayte) defeated GRANVILLE 0.

Bingera 2 (D Watson 2) defeated United Park Eagle 1 (R Hunter).

Across the Waves 3 (B Hibberd, L Vincent, M Twyford) defeated KSS Jets 0.

Wide Bay League 2

SC Corinthians 4 (H Slater 2, J Lunnon 2) defeated Doon Villa 1 (J Limbrick).

United Warriors 5 defeated Granville 0.

Bargara 1 (D Diab) defeated Sunbury 0.

Across the Waves 3 defeated KSS Jets 2.

Bingera 3 (P Jenner 2, S Sergiacomi) defeated UPE 2 (D Wilson, J Pym).


Diggers 6 (J Barlow 4, A Stout, B Caton) defeated SC Corinthians 2 (D Appo 2).

ATW 1 (P Bock) defeated UPE White 0.

BAV 5 (M Williams 3, J Sommer 2) defeated UPE Black 1 (J Pym).


Bingera 5 (C White 2, J Kelly, D Caldwell) defeated Bargara 0.

UPE Black 5 (T Stumer 3, J Brunjes, N Markey) defeated ATW United 1 (A Brunker).

Bingera Cutters 2 (M Wilson, G Minter) drew SC Corinthians Lionesses 2 (E Wedel, B Franchetto).

UPE 17 (T Gollschewsky 4, B Harrington 2, L Hamilton 3, T Doyle-Brockfield 2, S Bretag 2, Z Haster, L Smith, R Rowlands, S Zipf) defeated ATW Saints 0.

ATW 2 (O Zunker, T Zielke) defeated Diggers 1 (G Halpin).


UPE Black 4 (L Darcy, R Markey, L Drew) d ATW United 0.

ATW Rangers 7 (P Cox 3, H Hunter 2, R Barrett, W Giovannoni) d UPE White 0.

SC Corinthians Gladiators 6 (O Mathiesen 2, H Bugeja 2, O Biya, J Timbrell) d UPE Purple 0.


UPE 6 (A Dahal 2, H Nasso, M Cooper, B Dawe, T Ferguson) defeated Diggers 1 (C Kruger).

ATW Hot Spurs 6 (W Giovannoni 2, H Nowland 2, Z Cory, J D D’Addario) defeated ATW Saints 0.


UPE White 5 (I Maas 2, M Masterman-Smith, L Loudon, I Chumo) defeated Diggers 0.

Bingera 4 (C Manski 2, J Montford, E Radel) defeated BAV 0.

ATW Saints 9 (M Grima 4, T Giovannoni 2, C Simpson 2, S Giovannoni) defeated SC Corinthians 0.

UPE Black 9 (H Nguyen 3, M Cooper 2, X Ulbl 2, D Machekera 2) defeated Gin Gin 1 (A Fowler).

Hockey, Bundaberg

In hockey, the Raiders Rovers 3 defeated Arrows Athletics 2 and the Waves Cities 5 defeated All Blacks 0.


Waves Cities won by Forfeit to Raiders Rovers 6

Arrows Athletics 5 (Freya Cook 3, Tully Dorgan 1, Bridie Stehbens) defeated All Blacks 2 (no details of goal scorers)


Waves Cities 6 (Marshal Eason, 2, Ryan Consen 2, Connor Castelli, Sophie Castelli 1) defeated All Blacks 5 (Tim Wales 3, Stephen Lane, 1, Mathilda Rasmussen 1)

Arrows Athletics 3 (Tully Dorgan 1, Callum Macann 1, Charlie Dove 1) defeated Raiders Rovers 1 (Ava Baldry)


Waves Cities 2 (Jonty McMahon 1, Cooper Bengtson 1) defeated Raiders Rovers 0.

Arrows Athletics 3 (Jake McCaig 2, Liam Dorgan 1) defeated All Blacks 1 (Isaac Wales).


Raiders Rovers 3 (Morgan Fogarty 1, Susan Kendall 1, Amelia Walsh 1) defeated Arrows Athletics 2 (Chloe Connor 1, Hannah Munro 1).

Waves Cities 5 (Zali Usher 2, Anna Smith 1, Sarah Pohlmann 1, Sarah Ryan 1) defeated All Blacks 0


Raiders Rovers 4 (Tim Jacobsen 2, Josh Crow 1, Jackson Rielly 1) defeated Arrows Athletics 3 (Jack Munro 1, Cooper Peebles 1, Martin Green 1).

Waves Cities 7 (Ryley Stevens 4, Callum Turner 2, Jarred Taylor 1) defeated All Blacks 1 (Rikki Elder).

Rugby League – Bundaberg Junior


Hervey Bay Seagulls 28 (Jaden Carpenter, Dylan Crockford, Elias Broome, Lachlan Armstrong, Malachi Lawton tries; 4 goals) defeated Waves Tigers 8 (Corey Picaro, Ryan Gibbs tries).

Wests Panthers 40 (Jensen Deamer 2, Joel Baldwin 2, Brendan Grills, Isaiah Bullard, Eddie Mackie tries; Joel Baldwin 5, Marcus Tanner goals) defeated Wallaroos 16 (Bailey Eckert, Seth Laherty, Keian Grogan tries; Tom Colvin 2 goals).


Hervey Bay Seagulls 28 (Jaiden Torrisi, Ruben Broome, Parker Worthington, Chase Sutton tries; Chase Sutton goals) defeated Brothers 6 (Fletcher Ace try; Wil Simmons goal).

Bundaberg Grizzlies 16 (Kade Forrester, Bryden Blair, Rhys Felgate tries; Zander Kerr 2 goals) defeated Wallaroos 12 (Noah Dawson, Kayne Cooke tries; Noah Dawson 2 goals).


Hervey Bay Seagulls 38 (Harry Armstrong 2, Kayleb Angeles 2, Raiden Schocker Ryan, Jaidyn Smith tries; Eden Wheeler 3, Jonty Brien 2 goals) defeated Brothers 4 (Ethan Brennan try).

Wests Panthers 60 (Ryan Bugeja 4, Cayleb Johnson 2, Nathan Coney, Lincoln Dwyer, Kelly Purkis, Lewis Palella, Cordan Shearer, Khodi Docherty tries; Ryan Bugeja 6 goals) defeated Easts Magpies 6 (Coen Searl try; Junior Tuitoma goal).


Brothers 32 (Blake Powter 2, Malachi Solomon, Travis Larner, Kye Kuskey tries; 4 goals) defeated Hervey Bay Seagulls 0.

Waves Tigers 28 (Noah Law 3, Tom Morcom 2, Jarrod Warren, Travis Collison tries) defeated Wests Panthers 6 (Ezekiel Bullard try; Lucas Brough goal).


Brothers 32 (Riley Rollings, Isaac Barrett, Jomar Gastilo, Toby Collins tries; Jomar Gustilo 3, Toby Collins goals) defeated Wallaroos 12 (Kohan Wallace, Memphis Williams tries; Lachlan Nitschinsk, Rilee French goals).

Easts Magpies 20 (Bentley Rizzo 4 tries; Bentley Rizzo, Joshua Garland goals) defeated Wests Panthers 18 (Riley Modrow 2, Xavier Stanley, Brody Lake tries; Darnell Saunders goal).

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