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Alexis Telfer receives Queen’s Scout Award

Alexis Telfer Queen’s Scout Award
Accepting his Queen’s Scout Award in front of small crowd Alexis Telfer said it meant everything to him, and although a little nervous he was beaming with pride as his dad, and Kepnock Scout Leader, Graham Telfer honoured him with his badge.

Kepnock Scout Group Venturer Alexis Telfer has received the highest youth award in Scouting Australia – the Queen’s Scout Award.

The quietly spoken 17-year-old, with the Scouting name of BFA – Big Friendly Alexis, is one of only a handful of Scouts to be recognised locally for their scouting achievements at this level in recent years.

Accepting his Queen’s Scout Award in front of small crowd this afternoon, Alexis said it meant everything to him, and although a little nervous he was beaming with pride as his dad, and Kepnock Scout Leader, Graham Telfer honoured him with his badge.

A Queen’s Scout is a Venturer Scout, who has thoroughly trained in Scoutcraft, and places that training at the disposal of the community for public service.

In 2017 Alexis was also awarded for his Scouting achievements with an Australian Scout Medallion; his dedication and hard work remains as strong today.

As a Venturer Scout Alexis has shown dedication, leadership and high achievement include initiative and expeditions in adventurous activities.

The Kepnock High School student said he joined Scouts in 2011 as a Cub Scout and he has had many highlights through the years, but his main goal this year was to help put Venturers in the spotlight.

“I put my mind to it and challenged myself to gain this award,” Alexi said.

“It means the world to me.

“I know I have gained life-long skills by working toward this award.”

Alexis's Queen's Scout Award unique

Alexis’s award is especially unique in that is not usually achieved whilst a Venturer Scout is still at high school.

It was endorsed by the Venturer’s peers within their local unit who understand the work that goes into achieving a Queen's Scout award.

Surrounded by his scouting peers and leaders, Alexis’ self-development and strength of character was acknowledged by many fond memories of his time at Kepnock Scouts Group.

Alexis’s mum Melissa Telfer said her son had set his sights on the prestigious Queen’s Scout Award even before he had qualified at a Venturer Scout, after he received the Australian Scout Medallion three years ago.

“Through hard work and dedication, and that moment of self-accomplishment, as a young adult this is a great achievement.

“As parents watching your child put their mind to it, is a huge moment.”

Alexis Telfer Queen’s Scout Award
Mayor Jack Dempsey congratulated Alexis Telfer for receiving the Queen’s Scout Award.

Mayor Jack Dempsey congratulated Alexis on receiving the Queen’s Scout Award, saying he was leading way for youth in the Bundaberg Region.

“We are very proud as a community to have Alexis receive this award of such high esteem,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“Congratulations to him, his family and also Kepnock Scout Group.

“Alexis is one of a handful of awardees at Kepnock Scouts for the Queen’s Scout Award – the highest award to be achieved.”

Group leader Kepnock Scouts Bradley Mylrea said it was a great honour to be on his role and watch on as members worked hard to receive their peak award in their section.

“It is a lot of work to achieve the peak award in any of Scouting sections,” Bradley said.

“We are all quite proud of Alexis, and his title of BFA certainly does suit him.”

At a future date, Alexis will also be presented the Royal Certificate that accompanies this award at Government House by Chief Scout of Queensland His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC, Governor of Queensland.

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