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Tomorrows Earth looks to cut waste today

Tomorrows Earth
Tomorrows Earth owner Evie Roycroft is excited to open her new business which promotes sustainability

Tomorrows Earth has opened its doors in the Bundaberg CBD stocking natural, Australian made cleaning and beauty products that promote sustainability.

Owner Evie Roycroft said opening the doors to her very own business was a dream come true, allowing her to work where her passions lie.

“I’ve always wanted to run my own business and I got brave and quit my job at the end of last year,” Evie said.

“The things that are important to me are sustainability – single use plastic is something I really dislike – and looking after the earth, people’s health and reducing toxins.”

She said she tried to support Australian made wherever she could.

“Which I think has become evident lately about how important that is and how much we should support local,” she added.

The store promotes a zero waste approach, encouraging people to reduce the amount of single use plastic ending up in landfill by offering a dispensary for common cleaning and beauty products.

“They are more than welcome to bring their bottles from home and refill or I’ve got jars here to purchase,” Evie said.

“For people who are DIY and like making their own body butters and shampoos and lip balms and deoderant … I have the bulk range of goodies so they can come and get the shea butter and Himalayan salts.

“For people who aren’t quite into that but they’re still very conscious about what they use on their skin and the environment I’ve got pre-made.

“You can either buy pre-made or make your own.”

Opening Tomorrows Earth’s doors on Saturday 22 August, Evie said the first week had been brilliant.

“I’ve had really good feedback, it’s been wonderful.

“Heaps of lovely customers with all good things to say and all really excited.”

Evie said she believes Tomorrows Earth is the first store in the region to offer a zero waste approach to cleaning and beauty products.

She’s also got plans to introduce workshops in the next 12 months.

“Some people are very interested but a bit intimidated so they would like someone to walk them through the process of making their first deodorant.

“That’s something I definitely want to do.”