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All Blacks seal finals birth in exciting weekend of sports

All Blacks
Isaac Wales bagged a double as All Blacks booked a men’s hockey finals berth with a win over Arrows/Athletics

Isaac Wales and Will Barritt both bagged doubles as All Blacks sealed third place and a semi-final berth with a last-round 4-0 victory over Arrows/Athletics in their Bundaberg Hockey men’s last round clash at Hinkler Park on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Waves Cities maintained their perfect men’s record, edging out Raiders/Rovers 3-2, while their women claimed No. 1 and direct passage to the final by also pipping Raiders/Rovers 4-3 thanks to a double to young gun Milee Flanders.

All Blacks’ women claimed a 2-all draw with Arrows with Jackki Greiner completing a double from a corner after the siren, but it was not enough with Arrows taking third place on goal difference.

All Blacks
Jackki Greiner hammers in her second goal to clinch All Blacks a 2-all draw with Arrows in their women’s clash

In AFL Wide Bay Seniors, Across The Waves Eagles surrendered top spot to Bay Power after they were beaten by Hervey Bay Bombers 8.12 (60) to 6.3 (39) and the Power continued Brothers Bulldogs’ misery with a 15.11 (101) to 1.8 (14) drubbing of them.

In the Football Wide Bay Premier League, Brothers-Aston Villa remained in touch with leaders Bingera with a tough 2-0 victory over KSS Jets, while in the Bundaberg Men’s League, Nick Maas recorded a remarkable achievement, scoring all six goals as top of the table United Park Eagles (UPE) overpowered Across The Waves 6-1.

UPE also continued to sweep all before them in the Ladies League with Brooke Harrington notching a hat-trick to spearhead them to a 12-1 demolition of Bargara.

In the Bundaberg Junior Rugby League Under-18 division, fullback Marcus Tanner led the charge with three tries as Wests Panthers strengthened their position at the head of affairs with a 42-0 white-wash of Waves Tigers.

Here are all the weekend scores:

AFL Wide Bay


Bay Power 2.1, 4.3, 8.6, 15.11 (101) d Brothers Bulldogs 0.3, 1.3, 1.6, 1.8 (14)

Bay Power – Goal Kickers: J. Stothard 7, T. Burch 2, J. Fredericks 2, K. Clark 2, L. Whitehurst, J. Wheeler. Best Players: S. Dyson, J. Stothard, C. Horne, D. Bunyan, M. Antoney, J. Wheeler

Brothers Bulldogs – Goal Kickers: T. Taylor. Best Players: G. Webb, H. Hodgson, B. Davis, T. Taylor, S. Gordon, Z. Mercieca

Hervey Bay 1.4, 1.6, 6.9, 8.12 (60) d Across The Waves 1.0, 3.1, 4.2, 6.3 (39).

Hervey Bay – Goal Kickers: L. Hodgetts 2, J. Barker, M. Lewis, L. O'Toole, D. Sela, D. Winterton, J. Hickey. Best Players: T. Baldwin, H. Telfer, L. O'Toole, B. Ottery, T. Kettle, J. Hickey

Across The Waves – Goal Kickers: J. Bethune 2, D. Wood 2, N. Van Eekeren, T. Laycock. Best Players: D. Nelson, D. Wood, M. Wright, J. Forrestall, C. Woodrow, P. Power


Bay Power 4.3, 8.7, 10.11, 11.15 (81) d Brothers Bulldogs 0.0, 0.0, 2.1, 3.2 (20)

Bay Power – Goal Kickers: K. Bugeja 4, N. Lees 3, C. Hurry 2, J. Sunderland, C. Miles. Best Players: K. Bugeja, N. Lees, R. McCormack, C. Miles, J. Pati, J. Agius

Brothers Bulldogs – Goal Kickers: R. McKeown, J. Hosford

Maryborough 4.2, 4.3, 5.7, 7.9 (51) d Across The Waves 0.1, 1.4, 1.5, 1.8 (14)

Maryborough – Goal Kickers: J. Gouge 4, Z. Brunton 3. Best Players: J. Gouge, Z. Brunton, H. Bidois, Z. Willis, M. Epstein, J. Donaldson

ATW – Goal Kickers: K. Perry. Best Players: K. Fagan, J. Walker, D. Foggo, T. Jater, T. Laycock, A. Penney


Across The Waves 1.2, 3.2, 6.9, 6.9 (45) d Hervey Bay 0.2, 3.3, 3.5, 6.8 (44)

Across The Waves – Goal Kickers: M. Jonsson-Harlacz 2, N. Creighton 2, A. Marks

Hervey Bay – Goal Kickers: J. Tietz 2, T. Paech, H. Navez, E. Beckett, J. Wagner. Best Players: S. Day, J. Darby, J. Tietz, D. Johnstone, H. Navez, D. Carter


Bay Power 6.14 (50) d Brothers Bulldogs 2.0 (12).

Hervey Bay Bombers 8.5 (53) d Across The Waves 6.4 (40).


Brothers Bulldogs 3.2 (20) d Bay Power 2.1 (13).

Hervey Bay Bombers Black 11.3 (69) d Across The Waves 2.4 (16).

Football Bundaberg

Wide Bay Premier League

Wednesday: BAV 3 (J Bennier 2, N Chatfield) d ATW 1 (M Aslett).

Bingera 7 (G O’Donnell 4, D Watson, J Watson, J McEwan) d BARGARA 2 (J Cornelissen, A Fallon).

UPE d Diggers on forfeit.

Saturday: UPE 7 (R Hunter 3, K Blackman, B Davis, A Grant, J Fripp) d Sunbury 0.

BAV 2 (N Chatfield, J Stromquist) d KSS JETS 0.

Bargara 4 (R Robinson, M Doyle, R Gastaldello, J Van Den Barselaar) d Diggers 2 (A Stout, N Freeman).

Granville 2 drew ATW 2 (Myles Jacobsen).

Wide Bay League 2

UPE 11 (T Terlier 3, P Pagliano 2, B Smith 2, N Millis, L Darcy, C Taylor, N Maas) d Sunbury Blues 0.

Doon Villa 2 (C Clancy, R McAskill) d Bingera 1 (C Pym).

SC Corinthians 7 (H Slater 4, B Brown 2, D De Florian) d Bargara 1 (N Andersen).

ATW 8 d Tinana 1.


Diggers 4 (O McDonald, J Barlow, C Collins, N Powell) d SC Corinthians 2 (M Siccama, D Appo).

BAV 1 (J Sommer) drew UPE Black 1 (J Pym).

UPE White 6 (N Maas 6) d ATW 1 (P Bock).


Bingera 3 (C White 2, S Tanner) d Diggers 1 (H Walk).

ATW United 4 (A Brunker 2, E Bongioletti) d Bingera CUTTERS 0.

UPE 12 (B Harrington 3, L Haster 2, S Zipf 2, S Bretag 2, L Smith, T Gollshewsky, M Freeman) d Bargara 1 (I Killen).

ATW 5 (O Zunker 3, T Zielke 2) d ATW Saints 0.

UPE Black 1 (T Stumer) d SC Corinthians Lionesses 0.


ATW Rangers 4 (H Hunter, P Cox, J Arriola, R Barrett) d SC Corinthians Gladiators 0.

ATW United 7 (N Kerslake 2, L Brown 2, B Hunter, S Forrest, B Catasti) d UPE Purple 1 (K Wenzel).

UPE Black 9 (L Drew 4, W Bath, D Rose, A Ulahannan, L Darcy, L Drew) d UPE White 0.


ATW Hot Spurs 7 (B Hunter 4, Z Cory 2, L Thatcher) d ATW Saints 1 (N Birchley).

UPE 20 (T Ash 7, H Nasso 4, A Markey 3, F Bath 3, A Dahal 2, B Dawe) d Diggers 0.


UPE Black 1 (M Cooper) d Bingera 0.

Diggers 3 (P Parker 2, T Jeffrey) d SC Corinthians 2 (K Irwin 2).

ATW Saints 11 (N Saffioti 3, N Briggs 2, M Clark, C Simpson, S Giovannoni, T Giovannoni, M Grima) d BAV 0.

UPE White 12 (I Maas 2, M Masterman-Smith 2, I Chumo 2, N Smith, S Dexter, G Lowe, C Lowe, Simon Millett, Sean Millett) d Gin Gin 0.

Hockey Bundaberg


Arrows Athletics 9 (Tully Dorgan 5, Bridie Stehbens 3, Oliver Findlay 1) defeated Raiders Rovers 1 (Courtney Kendall 1)

Waves Cities won by Forfeit to All Blacks


All Blacks 6 (Kalen Wilke 3, Timothy Wales 2, Steven Lane 1) defeated Raiders Rovers 1 (Molly Crow)

Waves Cities 1 (Brodie Rule) defeated Arrows Athletics 0


Arrows Athletics 3 (Blake Crossing 1, Jesse Beveridge 1, Ben Smith 1) defeated Raiders Rovers 1 (Haley Kendall 1)

Waves Cities 6 (Sam Aitkenhead 3, Jonty McMahon 1, Cooper Bengston 1, Campbell Baldwin 1) defeated All Blacks 3 (Isaac Wales)


Waves Cities 4 (Milee Flanders 2, Zali Usher 1, Sarah Ryan 1) defeated Raiders Rovers 3 (Olivia Wightman 1, Susan Kendall 1, Kerri-Anne Lund 1)

Arrows Athletics 2 (Ruby Smith 1, Eboney Braysher 1) drew with All Blacks 2 (Jackki Greiner 2)


All Blacks 4 (William Barritt 2, Isaac Wales 2) defeated Arrows Athletics 0

Waves Cities 3 (Ryley Stevens 1, Lachlan McLennan 1, Callum Turner 1) defeated Raiders Rovers 2 (Jackson Rielly 1, Tony Sandwell 1)

Rugby League Bundaberg Junior

Wests Panthers
Marcus Tanner ran in three tries to lead Wests Panthers to a big win over Waves Tigers in their under-18 rugby league showdown


Wallaroos 28 (Tyson Allen 3, Seth Laherty, Lochlan Greenfield tries; Tom Colvin 4 goals) d Hervey Bay Seagulls 14

Wests Panthers 42 (Marcus Tanner 3, Joel Baldwin 2, Sam Woodman, Eddie Mackie, Aaron Cunnington, Damon Qualischefski tries; Joel Baldwin 3 goals) d Waves Tigers 0.


Hervey Bay Seagulls 22 (Zack Wellington, Ruben Broome, Jack Roderick tries; 3 goals) d Wallaroos 16 (Samual Manski, Bailey Mills, Liam Doolan tries; Noah Dawson 2 goals).

Bundaberg Grizzlies 30 (Bryden Blair 2, Kade Forrester, Trey Kerr, Zander Kerr tries; Zander Kerr 5 goals) d Brothers 4 (Matthew Smith try).


Wests Panthers d Brothers on forfeit

Hervey Bay Seagulls 38 (Harry Armstrong 2, Dane Blanke, Kayleb Angeles tries; Dane Blanke 2, Eden Wheeler goals) d Easts Magpies 6 (Junior Tuitoma try & goal).


Brothers 36 (Blake Powter 2, Zac Ellem 2, Jack Schmidt, Kai Bayley, Malachi Solomon tries; Dawson Hess 4 goals) d Wests Panthers 4 (James Faulkner try).


Hervey Bay Seagulls 22 (Braidan Houliston 3, Preston King, Cooper Fitzgerald tries; goal) d Brothers 14 (Toby Collins 2, Ryan Bohl tries; Jomar Gustilo goal).

Waves Tigers 40 (Jimmy Gear 3, Boston Marlow 2, Will Graham-Jones, Preston Walsh, Brody Dodds tries; Brody Allan 2, Jimmy Gear, Jack Howarth goals) d Easts Magpies 0.

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