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HIPPY Bundaberg seeks future Prep families to join

HIPPY Bundaberg
Natasha Buckney doing some activities from her HIPPY pack.

HIPPY Bundaberg is looking for families with children who will be in Prep in 2022 to enrol in their Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters.

Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters is a two-year, home-based early learning and parenting program that works with families with young children in the year before starting school and the child’s first year of school to build necessary skills and confidence to enjoy learning.

HIPPY Bundaberg coordinator Kristy Gear said the program empowers families to take an active role in their children’s education, development and overall well-being.

“The program builds upon family strengths so families can provide their child with the necessary skills and confidence to begin school with a positive attitude towards learning,” Kristy said.

“HIPPY supports parents in becoming more confident in their own parenting skills and their ability to have a positive effect on, and an active role in, their child’s learning at home, in school and beyond.

“HIPPY also seeks to empower parents to become advocates in their child’s education, expanding their understanding of their child’s development, learning and the expectations of formal schooling.”

HIPPY Bundaberg
Clayton Hawkshaw proud of the robot he made in HIPPY.

HIPPY Bundaberg is a no-cost program

The HIPPY curriculum is aligned to the Early Years Learning Framework, the Australian Curriculum and is informed by contemporary learning approaches.

The curriculum teaches children important concepts such as numeracy and literacy alongside developing their creativity, social, emotional and physical skills through play and fun activities.

HIPPY Bundaberg is a no-cost program for families, with HIPPY activity packs, storybooks and other materials included.

Kristy said HIPPY was a two-year program and participants needed to commence the year before starting Prep, with the second year continuing while the child attended their first year of school.

“HIPPY is a peer-to-peer model. Tutors receive weekly training with the co-ordinator and then complete the HIPPY activity packs with their own child each week, before visiting their assigned parents/carers in their home (or other suitable place) to discuss and work through the program activities,” she said.

“HIPPY families then spend around 10 to 15 minutes a day, five days a week, doing the educational activities together with their child. HIPPY is designed/tailored to fit into the daily life of the family.

“Parents are actively supported through alternating weekly home visits and group meetings, where they are connected with other parents doing HIPPY.”

Kristy said HIPPY Bundaberg was unique in that parents, through participation, developed the skills and confidence to take on this important role, which meant the children weren’t the only ones to benefit, parents do too.

“Many parents, for whom school was a struggle, find they have talents they were unaware of and this is the beginning of a new phase in their life,” she said.

“HIPPY is truly a two-generational program which, as well as setting children on a positive pathway through education, opens doors for parents into training, education and employment.

“The Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngers is funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Social Services.  The Brotherhood of St Laurence holds the licence to operate HIPPY in Australia.”

For more program details, or to place your name on the expressions of interest register for 2021, contact HIPPY Bundaberg coordinator Kristy Gear on 4154 1519 or email: kristy@hippybundaberg.com.au.

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