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Coal mining activity opposed by Council

Moore Park Beach coal mine opposition
Bundaberg Regional Council Councillors have formally opposed coal mining activity taking place in environmentally significant and high value agricultural areas including areas around Sharon, Welcome Creek, Moore Park Beach, Meadowvale, Moorland and Avondale.

Councillors have formally opposed coal mining activity within the Bundaberg Region on land which holds high agricultural and environmental value.

The notice of motion was moved in Bundaberg Regional Council’s 30 April Ordinary Meeting by Division 1 representative Cr Jason Bartels.

It comes after the 2019 submission by Fox Resources for a Mineral Development Licence Application to the Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy (MDLA 3040), which Council had previously formally opposed in 2020.

The company’s tenements include high-value agricultural areas around Sharon, Welcome Creek, Moore Park Beach, Meadowvale, Moorland and Avondale.

“…the community needs certainty from this Council that our position on this matter has not changed and we need to support the recommendation today to reconfirm that our stance and position on coal mining in our region has not changed,” Cr Bartels told the meeting.

Mayor Helen Blackburn, during the meeting, called on her fellow Councillors to say no to coal mining on agricultural or environmentally sensitive land in the Bundaberg Region.

The motion to oppose MDLA 3040 again received unanimous support.

“As Mayor of the Bundaberg Region I do not support coal mining activity on agriculturally and environmentally important land,” Mayor Blackburn said.

“I have steadfastly stood in opposition to the Mineral Development License Application (MDL3040) in my previous term as Councillor and my position has never changed.

“Agriculture has long been one of the backbones of this region’s economy and protecting our beautiful natural environment is a big part of its future.”

She said tourism – another big contributor to the region’s economy – was another industry which could be put at risk as a result of coal mining activity.

“The Bundaberg Region is renowned the world over for its natural beauty,” she added.

“This reputation has seen significant contributions to our economy through tourism and we are now recognised as an ECO Certified Destination.

“Any activities which have the potential to damage this do not have my support.”

With decision making powers around coal mining activity resting with the State Government Mayor Blackburn said she would write to inform the minister of Council’s resolution.

The formal recommendation to oppose coal mining activity endorsed in the Council meeting was:

That Bundaberg Regional Council reaffirm its position on Coal mining in the Region and that we will continue to advocate to oppose Mineral Development Licence Application MDLA 3040 and any potential coal mining activity in parts of the Bundaberg Region that have high-value agriculture or tourism and environmental sensitivity.

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  1. It’s a disgraceful miscarraige of justice that a judge can overturn the State governments ruling to not allow this mining to happen. How can one man rule against the thousands of people who signed petitions and the State government , it smacks of corruption. I am very glad that council opposes it and I would suggest you contact the Federal enviroment minister Tanya Pliberseck and vociferously voice your opposition.

  2. people from Ipswich District can tell you what can happen years after underground mining. big deep holes can start to appear.

  3. Thank goodness Council voted no. I signed a petition against this because I was raised in a coal mining town and I would hate for Bundy to be ruined. The agriculture & tourism here is so important.

  4. No more coal mines anywhere. How are we supposed to make positive environmental change if we keep mining and selling coal. Stop 🛑 putting shorterm profits over our grandchildren’s well-being.

  5. Well done, new Council. A coal mine so close to town, and on agriculturally productive land, should be opposed by everyone who cares for the quality of life of residents.

  6. Thank you Council for following through I hope that you all keep listening to your constituents
    Our area is well worth caring for

  7. Great the mining is been opposed, it has terrible long term effect on the ground that the mining companies don’t care about. The earth is there to nourish us and for us to nourish.
    Lets stand strong and protect our Earth with Respect.

  8. Yeah who needs jobs another industry and money, bundy is apparently rich and has so much money.
    Maybe they can get rid of that stupid policy if forced donations to charities that rate payers are forced to pay every year and lower our rates increase services with all that spare money they have.


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