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Willplay restores wonder to region’s playgrounds

15 09 2020 Jared Silcox from Will Play who have just won the upg
Jared Silcox from Willplay in Bundaberg.

Bundaberg manufacturer Willplay delivers unique playgrounds from start to finish which are made from completely recyclable materials.

For Willplay, their playgrounds are more than just play spaces.

Far from the humble playgrounds of our childhoods, with their steel swings, monkey bars and slides, Willplay playgrounds are bigger, brighter and environmentally friendly.

It’s no wonder the business has become so popular and Willplay design manager, Jared Silcox, said that success is based on the mission to deliver a unique playground from start to finish that is made from completely recyclable material.

“Willplay was started 7-8 years ago and what we’ve done is create a playground company that uses 100 percent recyclables,” he said.

“We use recyclable plastics, aluminium stainless, all our nuts and bolts can be recycled at the end of it.”

“All parts we do get we try to source from Australia, but pretty much everything gets manufactured in Bundaberg.”

Rocket Ship Rattray park
Bundaberg manufacturer Willplay are building rocket ships for playgrounds, among other designs.

More than just a playground

Not all playgrounds are designed and built with the same purpose in mind and they vary in size, facilities and types.

Willplay recently released an early design of the popular 80s rocket playground, which they are hoping to bring back.

Each playground design is made with an age group in mind, but Jared said Willplay aimed to build more than just a play space.

“It’s important to have playgrounds in the community mainly to give the community something to go to as playgrounds are spaces that really bring families together,” he said.

“We make our playgrounds available for all the kids, so there’s stuff for the young kids and the older kids too.

“A lot of overhead activities, monkey bars, slides and swings, and we also ensure that in the playground there’s a lot of nature-based activities like sandstone blocks to climb over and timber balance beams.”

Palm Park playground tender awarded

Over the past year the playground manufacturing business has been awarded a number of Bundaberg Regional Council tenders, most notably Christsen Park.

Recently Bundaberg Regional Council awarded the contract for the Palm Park playground to Willplay, which Jarryd said would cater for children aged up to 12-years-old.

“We’ve had a lot of work with Bundaberg Regional Council, but we also do work with a lot of councils around Australia and we’ve moved into the school’s market recently which is really exciting,” he said.

Willplay is always expanding and we’re close to being one of the largest playground suppliers in Australia at the moment, so it’s really exciting times and we’re always looking to expand into new markets and always doing new and exciting custom playgrounds.”