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Kalki Moon releases Solstice Barrel Aged Gin

Solstice Barrel Aged Gin
Kalki Moon's Kylie and Rick Prosser have released this year’s Solstice Barrel Aged Gin.

Kalki Moon has released its special edition of Solstice Barrel Aged Gin with a flavour profile from a Pedro Ximenez sherry barrel.

Kalki Moon master distiller and founder Rick Prosser said the unique profile of this year’s Solstice Barrel Aged Gin was enhanced by the sherry tones, which are typically extremely hard to source.

Rick said Pedro Ximenez is the white Spanish wine grape notoriously used for sweet fortified dessert wine with a rich, dark colour.

“Delivering sweet notes of raisins infused into our premium gin this Solstice edition is earmarked as the best yet,” Rick said.

“This latest release was aged from Solstice 2018 to 2019 in a Pedro Ximenez sherry barrel.

“These barrels are extremely hard to come by, so when we secured one, we knew it had to be used for our Solstice portfolio.”

Rick said Kalki Moon’s annual Solstice Barrel Aged Gin release started in 2016 on the summer solstice, and he had now trademarked the Solstice name to continue the special release each year.

“I aged it from the summer solstice to winter, then the liquid is taken out and stored on stainless steel, then we refill it with fresh gin and age it from winter to summer, then we take that liquid out and blend the two together,” he said.

“It’s two six month-old blends and the reason I do that is because I only use small 100-litre barrels, and also because Queensland is so hot.

“So in the first period from summer to winter the liquid extracts all the flavours, as the heats draw all the flavours of what was previously in the barrel.

“It’s pretty unique and very popular, and it’s starting to become a nice little collectors' release as the flavour profiles each year are completely different.”

Solstice Barrel Aged Gin
Avid spirit collector Shane Farrell, from Ipswich, made sure he was ready to collect bottle number two of this year's Solstice Barrel Aged Gin.

Kalki Moon released 365 bottles of Solstice Barrel Aged Gin at 10am on Saturday.

Eagerly waiting for the doors to open was keen spirit collector Shane Farrell, from Ipswich, who made sure he was ready to collect bottle number two.

“I have the second bottle of each of the releases,” Shane said.

“As the first bottle is always kept by the company, it’s nice to have these as a collector, but I also enjoy it so much I buy two more bottles to drink and enjoy.

“I buy three every year. This bottle will take pride of place on my shelf, then I pass it along to my kids and grandkids.”

Shane said as an avid spirit collector, it was his wife Lynette who initially took a fancy to gin, and she was now known as the gin queen within their circle of friends, and they both adored Kalki Moon’s gin.

“I have always been a Bundy (Bundaberg Rum) fan, and I have 300 or so bottles of rum, but Rick’s liqueur and his gin, they are marvellous, and I have shelves full of them,” he said.

“When you walk into Kalki Moon there is something there, they all make you feel very welcome and it’s hard not to keep returning.”

Kalki Moon’s Kylie Prosser said the limited edition of Solstice was likely to sell out faster then previous years.

“The word has definitely got around, and the price point is right,” she said.

“This, and being so close to Christmas, we are sure it will go faster than other years.”

Solstice Barrel Aged Gin aged in the Pedro Ximenez sherry barrel is now available at Kalki Moon’s distillery or online here.

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