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Wheels in motion for Scotty’s Indoor Centre

Scotty's Indoor Centre
Scott Craig would like to offer a place for remote controlled car enthusiasts to compete

Scott Craig has made a living from his hobby and hopes to soon offer the whole adventure package through his new venture Scotty's Indoor Centre.

The owner of Scotty’s RC Repairs and Parts is working towards opening an indoor sports centre which will host close quarter gel blaster battles and remote controlled (RC) car racing.

Scotty’s Indoor Centre is the subject of a development application that is yet to be assessed by Council and represents a long-held dream for Scott.

If approved, he said the North Bundaberg indoor centre would be a huge attraction for the Bundaberg Region with the closest similar facility located in Brisbane.

“Bundy needs something like this that’s why we’re giving it,” Scott said.

“This is going to bring a lot of people from out of town into our centre to have competitions in there.

“Stock cars – we’ve got 70 odd people in Brisbane that run them.

“We’ll hold two-day events.”

RC enthusiasts will be able to test their skills at Scotty’s Indoor Centre with a track designed for stock racing for a bit of “biff and bash”.

“We’ve got a track which we’re actually laying Boral surface spray, which is a proper racing surface,” Scott said.

And for those looking to test their skill there will even be a rock crawling track.

“The 4WD cars have the low diff gears in them – it’s pretty big.

“There’s a club in Bundy, they hold competitions.”

As a member of two local remote control car clubs, Scott knows this is something the community will be interested in.

“We’ll also have RC drift nights. This will give them somewhere to go and actually have competitions.”

A close quarters battle (CQB) arena for gel blasters will also be incorporated into Scotty’s Indoor Centre.

“The closest one indoors is in Brisbane, but they only do the indoor gel ball arenas,” Scott said.

“On Saturday nights we plan on having our competition league night.

“[Brisbane players] can bring teams up here.

“There will be five per team, most games only last about 90 seconds.

“Two referees, once your shot you’re out and the last person standing will win the points for their team.

“It’s fast paced, active.

“Friday nights we’ll have a free for all and we’ll organise war games like capture the flag.

“There’ll be a full set up of LED laser lights and smoke machines and stuff like that.

“It’s pretty exciting.”

Scotty's Indoor Centre to host parties

Scotty’s Indoor Centre won’t just be a destination for the young at heart.

Cars suited to a bit of rough and tumble and low intensity gel blasters mean the fun can be enjoyed by all ages.

“Just to give somewhere for the kids to go and play.

“We’ll run nights over there and our plan is to hopefully hold parties.

“Sunday afternoons we’ll have a kids’ two-hour sessions.

“We’ve got low powered blasters and kids will wear their safety gear.”

Scott is now eagerly awaiting development approval and hopes to have the facility up and running by the end of the year.

“If this works, the feedback that we’ve been getting is just ridiculous!

“We’ve probably got about five parties already booked and we’re not even up and running.”

The 46-year-old has owned his hobby store for five years and said it has gone from strength to strength.

He now gets to work in a field he loves, having raced RCs for more than 30 years.

“I just love the racing side of it and the set up and all that side of things.

“You buy them as a kit and then you build them up.

“We make all the bodies for them, the speedway ones, we make them in house.”

The centre will also feature arcade games like Pacman.

He said Scotty’s Indoor Centre would initially operate under bookings only to meet COVID requirements. Keep up to date with its progress on their Facebook page.

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