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Upgrade for Innes Park intersection

Back Windermere Road
Bundaberg Regional Council Division 6 Councillor Tanya McLoughlin said the work will transform the unusual intersection into a four-legged-roundabout.

Work has begun on a new roundabout for the intersection of Back Windermere and Innes Park Roads.

The first stage of construction will involve the re-alignment and replacement of services in the area including water mains, and Telstra and NBN services, with Ergon Energy having already completed relocation works.

The remaining relocation works are expected to start in mid-October while construction of the roundabout itself is projected to begin in early 2021.

Bundaberg Regional Council Division 6 Councillor Tanya McLoughlin said the work will transform the unusual intersection into a four-legged-roundabout.

“This project at Back Windermere and Innes Park Roads will construct a large roundabout, with appropriate drainage and street lighting, and follows on from nearby work on the Hughes Road extension and the Watsons Road and Hughes Road roundabout,” Councillor McLoughlin said.   

“Upgrading the Back Windermere and Innes Park Roads intersection will greatly improve safety of what is the main connection point for Innes Park residents to  Bundaberg and Bargara, as well as for many Coral Cove and Elliott Heads residents as they travel along the coast.

“This intersection is getting increasingly busy and as it gets busier residents have raised safety concerns, so I’m really pleased that Council is getting this project underway.”

Back Windermere Road and Innes Park Road.
Work has begun on relocation of services at the offset intersection at Back Windermere Road and Innes Park Road.

The project is scheduled for completion by June 2021 and Council received funding from the Works for Queensland program, which supports regional Councils to undertake job-creating maintenance and minor infrastructure projects.

It is targeted that all service alterations will be completed prior to the end of 2020 with Civil Works to start construction in early 2021. 

Cr Tanya McLoughlin said once complete, the roundabout paired with the Hughes road extension would provide a more direct route between Bargara and southern coastal suburbs.

“Our coastal corridor is immensely popular with homeowners and that lends itself to the increase we’ve seen in developments along this section,” Cr McLoughlin said.

“By improving infrastructure, such as this roundabout we’re allowing for both the future growth to the coastal strip and providing a formal roundabout built to council standards.”

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  1. Good to see these roadworks at last.
    When will the extension of Logan Road linking up with the Scenic Drive from the new Bargara Headlands Estate take place?

  2. Why is The BARGARA Headlands Estate so called when it is sited in Innes Park North.

    I recently had to redirect a couple I presume were interested purchasers, who could not find the estate on the Google Maps because they were typing in Bargara as a suburb.

    It is a nice estate. Eventually Logan Road will be completed as a thoroughfare route to Bargara but short of changing the name of the suburb it will be Headlands Estate in the suburb of Innes Park

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