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Logan Road water work resolves missing link

Innes Park water pipe installation.

Work to build a new water mains connection along Logan Road is underway and will ensure the security of water for residents in Innes Park, Coral Cove and Elliott Heads as well as meeting the future projected growth of the region.

Currently, Southern Innes Park, Coral Cove and Elliott Heads have about 1800 properties which are connected to a separate water reticulation system that is split between North and South Innes Park.

With further development and growth projected for the area, properties may become susceptible to a loss of water supply should any main breaks occur, or work be required to the line.

Division six representative, Cr Tanya McLoughlin, said it was important that the infrastructure to support this growth was done beforehand and the Logan Road water link would improve water security for current and future residents.

“Council is currently installing a new water main between two reticulation systems to ensure guaranteed water service into the future,” Cr McLoughlin said.

“Without this new water main upgrade many of the current properties around Innes Park, Coral Cove and Elliott Heads are susceptible to a loss of water supply should any main breaks occur or should work be required to the line.

“This connection will maintain water supply to those areas where originally it would’ve been restricted.

“I'm really happy to see this infrastructure being installed for the community's benefit.”

Approximately 800 metres of new water main line will be laid between the two reticulation services, which will mean a constant water service, even during construction works or outages.

Bundaberg Region Mayor Jack Dempsey said the water mains link was a huge win for the future growth of the region and current residents.

“We know there is so much interest from developers and home buyers in our coastal communities along Innes Park, Coral Cove and Elliott Heads,” he said.

“This water main work is part of our ongoing commitment to ensure infrastructure is provided and water security is guaranteed.

“The Logan Road water link is the missing link between providing guaranteed constant water service between North and South Innes Park and surrounding suburbs.

“This is just a small part of Council's water services budget, with Council investing around $30 million in water and wastewater infrastructure across the region every year.”


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