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Refill not Landfill targets single-use plastic

Refill not Landfill
Beverley Whip has launched a new line called Refill not Landfill, available at Artisans 4670

Refill not Landfill is the latest venture for Bargara businesswoman Beverley Whip who was inspired to make change after years of researching the impacts of single use plastics.

The new line, located within the existing business Artisans 4670 in Bargara, allows residents to bring containers to refill with common household and beauty products.

Launched on the weekend Beverley said the community response had already been “absolutely amazing”.

“I’ve researched for a very long time about how much plastic we’re using and its frightening and I thought ‘we have to do something’,” Beverley said.

“We’re stockpiling all this plastic, it can’t all be recycled.

“I just think of my child’s future, about where we’re going to be in 50 years.

“We’re in dire strife basically – we need to act now, we need to change the tide.

“Everybody is in the same boat, they’re sick of throwing plastic away.”

Beverley only stocks Australian made products that contain “no nasties” with everything from shampoo, conditioner and body wash to laundry liquid and disinfectant available.

“We’ve had people trialling different products for quite some time and we’ve narrowed it down to Australia’s best home and beauty products,” she said.

“They are all plant based … they’re septic and greywater safe, they’re ecofriendly and biodegradable.

“We’ve also got a range called the super gentle range for people with sensitive skin such as newborns and allergy sufferers.”

She said it was also rewarding that Refill not Landfill had been a family journey with her husband and seven-year-old son Kelly heavily involved.

“My son goes to a Reef Guardian School and we walk the beaches a lot picking up plastic.

“We’ve worked on it together.”

Kelly even helped with name and the business logo producing sketches which helped to inspire the final design.

Customers can bring their own containers to refill or Beverley has reusable containers available for purchase.

Refill not Landfill is located at 100 Hughes Road, Bargara and can also be found on Facebook.

Refill not Landfill
To cut down plastic waste Beverley Whip's new venture Refill not Landfill allows residents to bring their own containers to purchase household and beauty products

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