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TAFE plumbing courses trickle through to Bundaberg

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Aaron Hinds, Ian Walsh, Luke Bujayer, Jaxon Johnson and Robert McHugh with the frames and trusses donated to TAFE Queensland's Bundaberg campus

Local plumbing apprentices can now complete more of their studies in Bundaberg after a local business donated roofing materials, frames and trusses to TAFE Queensland.

The TAFE Queensland Bundaberg campus gladly accepted the donation which means the roofing block of the course is now available locally.

The donation of steel frames and roof trusses, roofing iron, gutters and ridge capping by McHugh Steel means less travel for local students who would otherwise have had to travel to Nambour.

The Bundaberg campus can now deliver the entire first year and parts of the second year study requirements for the Certificate III in Plumbing as part of its commitment to gradually deliver the entire course from Bundaberg.

TAFE Quensland Bundaberg Campus educational operations manager Ian Walsh said the donation by McHugh Steel had assisted greatly with the delivery of the course.

“It's a great value,” Ian said.

“It assists us in delivering a lot of the training here at Bundaberg, which helps all the students.

“This reduces the travel for the students and makes it a lot easier for them to come and attend training.

“We're still building up resources and hope to deliver a lot more of plumbing in Bundaberg.”

Donation assists TAFE plumbing students

The donation was only made recently but has already had a positive impact on a number of students with carpentry apprentices now able to practice putting steel frames together for the plumbing apprentices to then come along and complete the roofing.

“I think it's a great thing.

“A lot of students are younger and haven't had much experience with cars, they also don't get paid a lot in their first and second years.

“So it's a great benefit for them for this to happen,” Ian said.

Second year plumbing apprentice Aaron Hinds, who lives and works in Childers, said being able to complete more of his studies in Bundaberg was more convenient and saved money.

“It's a lot better than having to drive to Nambour,” Aaron said.

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