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Teen spirit to the fore at Isis High prom

Isis High School Prom
Brooke and Jodie Fitzgibbon organise a selfie with sister Kate and her prom partner Lachlan Rogers.

The venue was different and their parents were missing but more than 70 Isis High School Seniors frocked up to celebrate the end of year prom.

Despite the handbrake applied by the COVID-19 pandemic, students were pragmatic with most just delighted to be able to attend the traditional “rite-of-passage” from school to adult life.

Isis High School Prom
Kate Fitzgibbon and Lachlan Rogers photographed at Girraween Gardens at South Isis before the Isis High School prom.

Principal Chris Gill said he admired the resilience of the Year 12 cohort.

“They have coped well with the event being moved from the traditional location of the Cultural Centre to the Sports Stadium and understand the need to restrict the event to students and teachers,” he said.

“This is an end point for students on their journey into adulthood. This was a very challenging year and we really didn’t know we would be having an event like this just a few months ago.

“I have spoken at school about the resilience required by students to reach this point of the year and to deliver excellence in performance and achievement.

“The entire Year 12 group has overcome much this year and all of them, leading up to their recent exams, were on track to successfully complete their course of study. That’s a magnificent achievement.”

Senior students Lachlan Rogers and Kate Fitzgibbon said they were prepared for a great night with fellow students.

“It’s a shame parents were not allowed to attend,” said Lachlan. “That was a real kick in the guts considering what your parents do to get you an education.”

Kate said the lead up to the formal had been “stressful”.

“Not knowing at the beginning of the year if it was going to be cancelled was pretty stressful. We had already brought all our stuff and were very organised. It was a bit scary,” she said.

“I think the school did the very best they could. What we have is way better than having nothing.”

Missing this year was the traditional spectacle of students arriving in more unusual modes of transport.

The vehicles in no way detracted from the parade of elegantly dressed young men and women entering the venue via a red carpet.

A large crowd warmly greeted each arrival.

Isis High School Prom
Cindy Pullinger, Zacharia Salter and Jamie-Lee Perren prepare to enter the Sports Stadium for the 2020 Isis High School Prom.

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