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Have your say on Anzac Park precinct redevelopment

Anzac Park precinct
The proposed Anzac Park precinct redevelopment would incorporate an events space with an outdoor stage

Residents are being encouraged to share their stories about Anzac Pool as part of consultation on the Anzac Park precinct redevelopment.

The pool was opened in 1956 on the riverside site which was formerly the Memorial Baths, established by the RSL in 1923.

Bundaberg Regional Council has recognised that the growth of the region necessitates the development of a modern aquatic facility to meet the community’s future requirements.

If funding is secured for a new Regional Aquatic Facility, set to be located adjacent to the Multiplex, the Anzac Park precinct, incorporating the pool, would be redeveloped into a vibrant riverside community hub.

The redeveloped Anzac Park precinct would incorporate an adventure style playground with zero-depth water play, outdoor event space with stage, improved riverside access and an Anzac war memorial.

Mayor Jack Dempsey said the Anzac Pool consultation process was an opportunity for residents to share their stories about the old facility and discuss plans for the new one.

“Anzac Pool has been an important part of Bundaberg’s CBD landscape for decades and many people have fond memories of their time spent at the pool with friends and family,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“While Anzac Pool no longer meets the current and future needs of our growing community, we would like to recognise the important role it has played in our history by sharing those stories.

“This also gives frequent pool users the opportunity to share their thoughts on how we might be able to honour the history of Anzac Pool at the new Regional Aquatic Facility.”

For avid swimmers, Mayor Dempsey said the consultation process was also a chance to put in a ‘wish list’ for the new aquatic facility.

“Detailed designs of a new aquatic facility are not yet under way so now is the time to put forward your suggestions on what should be included,” he said.

“Those suggestions will be provided to our consultants to be taken into consideration throughout the design process.”

Mayor Dempsey stressed that Anzac Pool would remain open until such time as the Regional Aquatic Centre was operational.

“Council is seeking funding from all levels of government to progress the Regional Aquatic Facility, without which the redevelopment of the Anzac Park precinct will not be possible,” he said.

“These projects represent an exciting opportunity to have a modern aquatic facility centrally located close to other sporting resources while making the most of prime riverfront land.

“The Anzac Park precinct will activate the riverside area making it the premiere community space in Bundaberg and providing an economic boost for CBD businesses.”

An information day will be held at Norville Pool, 148 Enterprise Street, on Saturday 28 November from 11am to 1pm.

It's an opportunity for residents to learn more about the project, provide their feedback via a survey and to share their stories.

You can also participate in the survey online at ourbundabergregion.com.au, where you can register interest in being part of a special Anzac Pool video.



  1. I enjoy swimming in my later years to help keep the body working. But get disappointed when we get kicked out for schools. I know kids need to do sports, I hope some part of the pool would stay open for those who use the pool on a regular basis.

  2. Going to take part in the survey after reading this story & I can’t get into it on the Council website, it says the survey is closed.
    I am using the ANZAC pool on a regular basis at the moment for water exercise. I love the fact that it’s so close to me (I live in North Bundy) & even though the facilities are aged, the pool is still in great nick & the water is wonderful. Lovely after a hot day. I will be very sad to see it go.
    I don’t understand Council wanting to put a new pool at the Multiplex site when the Norville pool is only a couple of blocks away. I don’t know how old Norville is but it seems fairly recent to me.

  3. Whilst council take away the Anzac Pool used by the older population along with schools and others that they replace it with a water facility that the older population can also utilise . I cannot think our older population using water fountains. It really suits a very small section of our population whom can enjoy water fountains anywhere in Bundaberg. Shame we cannot make it a rock pool or something that has a longer life than the present trend of water parks where you cannot learn to swim. Townsville’s waterfront Rock pools and even little Yeepoon have something that lasts and a facility that the entire population utilises.

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