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Imagination takes flight at Hinkler Hall of Aviation

Hinkler visitors
Childers State School students on HHA educational excursion.

A group of about 40 Childers State School students, many in period costume, provided a nostalgic touch when they visited the Hinkler Hall of Aviation (HHA) recently.

The students were taking advantage of the educational excursions specifically tailored by HHA to cater to school groups.

Teacher Mrs Elizabeth Bunn said the children were excited to learn about the life and achievements of Bert Hinkler and the visit had been a part of activities based on an historical theme.

“In Humanities and Social Studies this semester, we have been looking at the impacts of technology over time and how these changes have affected the lives of people.

“In accordance with the Australian Curriculum, we have studied changes in household items, education, clothing and transport over the last 100 years.

“A visit to the Hinkler Hall of Aviation allowed us to see many historical items up close and to interact with the exhibits,” she said.

“The students are aware that Bert Hinkler was invited to Childers in April 1921 and flew from Bundaberg and landed at the Childers Showgrounds before attending a fete at Childers State School.

“I think many students were quite surprised at the relatively small stature of Bert Hinkler. However, they were certainly impressed by his achievements and his prowess as an inventor and innovator.

“The Student Activity Books supplied by HHA are a wonderful resource and are a great take-away from the visit,” Ms Bunn said.

“The day was one filled with historical significance for the students. We started the day by making our own butter which we used in making our lunch of corn beef and pickles sandwiches.

“The group also enjoyed a treat of toffee apples and sarsaparilla and creaming soda that was made the old-fashioned way,” Mrs Bunn said.

Spokesperson for Arts, Culture and Events, Cr John Learmonth said the specially designed educational groups resources for HHA are a great support for the physical tour of the facility.

“The groups experience a very thorough grounding regarding the life and achievements of Hinkler.

“An introductory film, a tour through the vast collection of memorabilia and displays, photo opportunities for the students and a tour of Hinkler’s Southampton home provide for a very comprehensive visit,” Cr Learmonth said.

Information relating to booking tours for school groups is available at Hinkler Hall of Aviation

Students visit Hinkler Hall Aviation
Follow the leader. Childers State School teacher Mrs Elizabeth Bunn leads her charges into the Hinkler Hall of Aviation during a school visit.