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Fire ban imposed after dry November

Bundaberg fire ban
A fire ban is in place across the Bundaberg Region until 7 December 2020..

Bundaberg Region residents are advised that, due to severe fire conditions, a local fire ban is now in place.

Mayor Jack Dempsey has asked the region’s residents to adhere to the ban imposed by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service until Monday, December 7.

“The region is experiencing hot, dry and windy conditions and we only have to look at the disasters of last summer to know the destruction that can be wrought by fire in Australia,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“We had an extremely dry November and people need to refrain from lighting fires or engaging in activities that might spark a fire such as using power tools.”

Bureau of Meteorology statistics show that the Bundaberg Region received just 1mm of rain in November, the second lowest figure since 1942 and marginally ahead of the record low of 0.4mm in 2011.

Mayor Dempsey, who is also the Chair of the Bundaberg Local Disaster Management Group, advised residents to take simple steps to prepare their properties for fire season.

“By clearing gutters of leaves, reducing vegetation and removing flammable items from around the home and ensuring there is adequate access to their property, residents can greatly reduce the chances of fire claiming their homes,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“It is also important that residents have a bushfire survival plan in place to ensure that they, and their loved ones, know what to do in the event of fire threatening their property.

“With summer well and truly here, it is also time to show that true Bundaberg spirit by checking in on elderly relatives, friends and neighbours or other vulnerable members of the community, just to make sure they are coping with the heat.”

The prohibition on lighting fires was declared in accordance with the provisions of Section 86A and Section 86E of the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990 and all permits to light fire previously issued in the local fire ban area is cancelled subject to approved exemptions.

Information on fire bans and the exemptions that can apply to fire bans can be found on the Rural Fire Service Queensland website.



  1. Perhaps if free green waste disposal was allowed during a fire ban people might adhere to it a bit more. Also to help the environment and stop rubbish burning altogether have a weekly free allowance at the tip. Other regions have free green waste disposal ie Burnett and Wide Bay and their rates are no different to ours.

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