HistoryArcade games Copper! and HILDA bring history to life

Arcade games Copper! and HILDA bring history to life

arcade games Copper! HILDA
Queensland State Archives senior curator Phil Manning with Hilda, a futuristic arcade game currently available as part of the Hinkler Hall of Aviation exhibition.

Arcade games Copper! and HILDA enable residents to take a peek into the history of the Bundaberg region through 1980s nostalgia and futuristic technology.

The two games have temporarily been incorporated into the Hinkler Hall of Aviation exhibition and can be accessed as part of the facility’s experience.

Queensland State Archives senior curator Phil Manning said the touring exhibition was part of a bid to get more of the state’s history to regional Queenslanders.

Copper! is an arcade game based on the classic game Frogger with an historic twist, allowing you to hop and jump across building plans.

One of which is the 1885 architectural plans of the Bundaberg Customs Quarters.

“Copper is really about having fun with history,” Phil said.

“It's engaging with it at a really basic level and it is all about having fun.

“1890s architectural plans become the building blocks and foundations for 21st century fun, but inspired by the classic arcade games of the 1970s and 80s.

“Instead of Frogger, where you're jumping across a road, here you have a mission.

“Say you've got to capture the thief or collect coins or eat fruit by avoiding snakes and crossing logs, but they're all set within modified floor plans of Queensland's public buildings from the 1980s.”

In stark comparison is the second part of the touring exhibition, HILDA or Historical Image Library Discovery Assistant.

By taking control of the futuristic machine residents can deep dive in to a visual catalogue of the state’s history, exploring imagery and footage from the 1890s to the 1990s.

“Imagine that a historical collection has been reorganised and stored on tiny chips and put on disks.

That's what you access on this machine through HILDA,” Phil said.

“She unlocks the past for you to play with.

“Each disc you put on is a different theme, exploring a different aspect of Queensland history and a different time period.

“You just don't know what you're gonna get.”

For local history enthusiasts, there is a two minute segment of Bundaberg footage to discover on HILDA.

“There's a lot of great historical footage from all throughout the state, particularly from the 1950s.”

HILDA also brings to life the 1890s by digitally colouring historic images before your eyes.

Phil said he hoped the exhibition would help to engage more people with the state’s history.

“It's about having fun with history, which opens people's eyes and making them more amenable to interacting with history.

“It's just about seeing these photos that aren't crusty in an album.

“Hopefully we can bring life to the history of the state.”

Copper! and HILDA are in the Hinkler Hall of Aviation exhibition hall until January 24, 2021 and an entry fee does apply.

Local rates are available for residents of the Bundaberg Region that will include entry to Hinkler Hall of Aviation and access to the arcade games.

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