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Adopt a pet: Classy Pebbles wants a new home

Pebbles is a mature lady with a playful side.

If you're looking to adopt a mature cat who enjoys a quite lifestyle, then Bundaberg RSPCA has the purr-fect feline for you!

Bearing a name more appropriate for a Flintstone baby than a lady of refinement, Pebbles is tired of her Bundaberg RSPCA lodgings and wants a new home.

Pebbles, a mixed domestic short hair female cat, is the Bundaberg RSPCA pet of the week and in need of some one-on-one attention.

“Pebbles is a mature lady who knows what she likes,” RSPCA Bundaberg said.

“She would prefer a quieter home with older children. She is a little posh and would like to have the finer things in life.”

Although a lady of such undoubted class would never speak ill of her carers, it would seem RSPCA is not the type of accommodation she has in mind for her remaining days.

“She is not sure if the RSPCA accommodation is at a standard that she can tolerate for an extended period of time,” RSPCA Bundaberg said.

“If you think that Pebbles would find your home suitable, please apply to adopt her.”

Pebbles is seeking a home more to her liking than the otherwise satisfactory RSPCA Bundaberg.

RSPCA is confident that, given the right home, Pebbles can make quite a splash.

Pebbles can be adopted from RSPCA Bundaberg for $85.

The adoption fee includes desexing, microchipping, health check, vaccinations, worming and flea treatments.

Find out more or apply to adopt Pebbles via the online application and RSPCA Bundaberg’s friendly staff will be in touch.

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