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Novum Lifesciences grows with ag innovations

Novum Lifesciences
Novum Lifesciences chief executive Trent De Paoli in the Scotland Street laboratory.

A microbial treatment developed in an East Bundaberg laboratory is one of three potential pasture dieback solutions selected for evaluation in a QUT research project.

The treatment was developed by Novum Lifesciences which specialises in analytical services and bio-control solutions for agriculture.

Chief Executive Officer Trent De Paoli said Novum Lifesciences had been a participant in the Meat and Livestock Australia funded research project to identify the causes and potential solutions for pasture dieback.

Subsequently the promising bio-control solution developed by Novum, to be called ‘Entofix’, is being assessed by QUT.

Trent said Bundaberg was the ideal location for the growing business to progress innovations in the agricultural field.

“The critical thing is that we've got cooperative progressive farmers that we can work with on projects like this, which are pilot scale projects that enable us to future proof or ground truth and check the validity of the technology before we roll it out nationally,” Trent said.

“It enables us to partner with growers, local suppliers, global technology, and live here in a beautiful region.

“I think it's the diversity and willingness of co-operation between companies that enable us to then take that technology and deploy in other industries.”

Novum started with an agronomy service three decades ago before moving into the production of microbial solutions for industry eight years ago.

Since then they’ve expanded their portfolio to include over 10 highly specific innovations for a number of applications.

“Novum has a breadth of expertise in microbiology, chemistry, food processing and soil science.

“If we can make the best growers slightly better then there's a lot of room for improvement for any producers that are only just beginning their regenerative agriculture journey.

“We don't know where the upper limit is, but if we're adopting world's best practice and continue to push the boundaries, I'm sure we can get significant increase in both yield and quality for the clients we service across the country from here in Bundaberg.”

Novum Lifesciences has grown from a passion for sustainably improving farming productivity.

“A big part of it for us is regenerative agriculture and, using certified organic products where possible that represent really effective bio control or bio stimulant solutions, instead of singular reliance on synthetic chemistry,” Trent said.

“We culture in very efficient Stir Tank Reactors that use solar to heat the water that then controls the temperature during the fermentation process.

“Bundaberg is a fantastic location because of the hours of sunlight and the ability to have low manufacturing costs of a product that is used in the area in which it's manufactured.”

That cost-effective production provides Novum Lifesciences with a necessary edge as they look to international expansion and compete in the global market.