Bundaberg Now Weekender returns for 2021


Bundaberg Now Weekender returns for 2021 with some inspirational stories including retired greyhounds being given a new lease on life.

There's a rare glimpse of bum-breathing turtle hatchlings making their way to the river and news about a concrete drain in Bundaberg being restored as a natural waterway.

We also revisit Donna Corr’s eclectic Coonarr garden which has provided a haven for dozens of foster children over the years.

Weekender is an attractive digital magazine with curated stories from the Bundaberg Now website and notices from Bundaberg Regional Council.

All the stories are free to read.

Bundaberg Now Weekender can be viewed on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. It can also be downloaded and and read as a PDF file.

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  1. Looking at the new playground..a bit dismaying to see the kids have very little grassed area. The concrete and plastic areas will be extremely hot in summer and could burn their feet ..arms and legs. In our climate, use of concrete steel and plastics are not the best materials for kids to play on. A water feature such as they have in Cairns with less than a few inches of depth would be more useful. Fountains of spurting water and sprays keep kids busy for hours. Hot swings and tunnels..not so much

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