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Uncle Geoff, Aunty Jane take over iconic Chics Pies cart

Australia Day Railway Picnic
Geoff and Jane Smith of Chics Pies at the Australia Day celebrations at Bargara.

Each Saturday, sitting at the corner of Targo and Woongarra Streets, you will find Geoff and Jane Smith with a little white cart filled to the brim with delicious Chics Pies.

The Bundaberg couple took over the lease of the Chics Pies cart in September, providing hot pies and warm smiles to the community each week.

Chics Pies
Jane Smith at the Chics Pies cart.

Geoff and Jane said they had always loved the local brand and the opportunity to run the weekend cart had come at exactly the right time.

“My wife and I do a lot of charity work, especially in support of the local Vanuatu community, seasonal workers and those who travel to our area,” Geoff said.

“When the opportunity came up to take over the Chics Pies cart we jumped at the chance because we thought it was another way we could help people and use the profits to continue with our cause.”

Long history of Chics Pies in Bundaberg

Geoff said the Chics Pies cart was something of an icon in Bundaberg and had been servicing the community since the 50s.

“It really is something that a lot of people have grown up with,” Geoff said.

“The pie business itself has been around for more than 70 years and has only had three owners during that time.

“The pies are delicious and made completely from scratch, even the pastry.”

Jane said the new pie cart venture was all thanks to the previous operator, who had sought out the couple to take over the job.

“Steve, who had been operating the cart for 13 years, had asked us to consider it,” she said.

“Geoff spent eight weeks with him learning the ropes before he handed the cart over to us.

“We are very grateful to Steve for this opportunity and every Saturday he still comes in to see us, to have a pie and a chat.”

Pies bring together people

Geoff said while running the cart would provide benefits in helping the community, it was the people he met along the way that made the job all the more worthwhile.

“The people is what I love the most about it,” he said.

Chics Pies
Geoff Smith serves another happy customer.

“We get all sorts of people from all walks of life coming to see us each Saturday, from locals to visitors to the homeless.”

“There is a little bench that you can sit at and we always end up have great chats to everyone who stops by.”

When it came to the community's favourite flavour, Geoff said the most popular pie was the chicken.

“A good chicken pie is what most people love,” he said.

“A plain meat pie is also on top of the list and, what some may not realise is, we also sell hot apple pies and turnovers.”

The couple said operating the Chics Pies cart was an honour.

“It's an icon and we feel so grateful to continue to carry it on,” Geoff said.

“It's helping us give back to the community; when we sell the pies it is a reward for what we do voluntarily,” Jane said.

Geoff, Jane and the Chics Pies cart can be found on the corner of Targo and Woongarra Streets every Saturday from 7am to midday.

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