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Passion for baking brings Elyces Cakes to life

Elyce Cronin created her cake-making business last year.

From Minecraft to mermaids, dinosaurs and even SpongeBob, there is no theme too difficult for Elyce Cronin and her cake-making skills.

The Bundaberg woman officially started her baking business, Elyces Cakes, last year and has since made more than 100 delicious desserts of all different themes and flavours.

“I have always loved baking,” she said.

Spongebob Squarepants makes for a delicious cake.

“For as long as I can remember I’ve worked on flavours and tweaked recipes to make them as delicious as possible.

“It wasn’t until I had children and made their birthday cakes that I started working on the decorating side of cakes.”

Elyce said her business came to fruition after she was tasked to create a beautiful cake for her friend's 30th birthday.

“I thought I should do my very best to make it look amazing; it was that cake that got my name out there,” she said.

“From that point on I had quite a lot of people asking me to make cakes for them.

“My little hobby turned into a business before I had time to give it a second thought.”

A rainbow lolly themed cake by Elyce.

Since then, Elyce said she had made more than 100 cakes and even more cupcakes, with plenty of fun themes to keep the creative juices flowing.

“Children’s cakes are my most favourite to make,” she said.

“I feel I can get a lot more creative with them. I love the pops of colour, accessories, characters and sprinkles.”

It's a skill Elyce said had been backed up by her 14 years of work in the field of dentistry.

“I actually found the knowledge I’ve gained over the years as a dental assistant has helped me in getting my cake business up and running,” she said.

“Hand hygiene, cross contamination, etc – having these habits instilled in me helps maintain a very clean and safe working environment at home.

“As I am getting busier with cakes I have reduced my hours at the dentist but I still really enjoy being there too.”

Cake creations a labour of love

Elyce said each of her delicious desserts could take anywhere upwards of four hours to make.

Elyce Cronin started her business, Elyces Cakes, last year.

“That is just hands on time and doesn’t count the time it’s in the oven baking, trips to the shops for supplies and the many hours I spend putting together design ideas and quotes,” she said.

“There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes!

“I’m hoping in time the techniques I am using become second nature and I will become more efficient with my time.”

Elyce said not only was her business a creative outlet, it was also the perfect opportunity to delve into something she truly loved.

“I have always had a passion for art and baking so to combine the two brings me so much joy,” she said.

“I also find it quite therapeutic.”

To find out more about Elyces Cakes, head on over the the Facebook page here.