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Cordalba Store reopens with Deldora Delights

Deldora Delights
Shawn Anderson and Sherrie Gabler have reopened Cordalba Store and excited to expand in the future.

Surrounded by small crops and sugarcane, Cordalba Store has reopened with Deldora Delights’ Shawn Anderson and Sherrie Gabler taking the reins.

The quaint little business is set out like an old-fashioned corner store, with all the bells and whistles of a convenience right on hand for the small community of Cordalba.

Pleasing consumers is nothing new for Sherrie and Shawn as for the past five years the couple have successfully run mobile food van Deldora Delights.

Now, the opportunity to reopen the historic Cordalba Store has given the couple a chance to plant their roots in one location and it was too good to miss.

Sherrie said the Cordalba Store doors reopened with Deldora Delights one week ago and the response from the community had been overwhelming.

“We have been open for five days now, and business is building every day,” she said.

“I think word is getting out that Cordalba Store is under new management and we are seeing new faces every day.

“We honestly haven’t done too much on social media or anything as we have been very busy, and we didn’t want to go too big, too fast.

“We hoped to open with a bang, and it seems we did, there has already been so much support.”

Deldora Delights
Cordalba Store has reopened with Deldora Delights’ Shawn Anderson and Sherrie Gabler taking the reins.

Plans to change name to Deldora Cafe

With a history of farming in the region, seven children between them, running a small business, and Shawn being a builder, there is a lot on the plate for the energetic couple who have plans to grow the quaint little corner store.

She said once fully established there were plans to change the name to Deldora Cafe, keeping with the legacy of Shawn’s parents and following on from their popular mobile food business.

“Deldora comes from the names of Shawn’s parents. His mum’s name was Delma and his dad’s nickname was Dora, so we mixed the name and came up Deldora.

“It’s been 16 years since they passed away; they also travelled around a lot, making relishes and selling it at markets.

“Shawn is the youngest of seven children, and his siblings say how proud their mum and dad must be. Deldora is for them.”

Sherrie and Shawn will continue to operate their Deldora Delights van at events, and for private functions.

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