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Dom’s drive to start new pressure cleaning business

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Dom Golotta has started up a new pressure washing business in Bundaberg.

With young children to support and finding himself unemployed Bundaberg’s Dom Golotta took a chance and started his own business, AAA Pressure Cleaning and Softwashing.

Dom said just as many people in Australia found themselves unemployed last year because of COVID-19, he didn’t want to become another statistic and instead used his COVID-19 support payments to start-up a small cleaning business.

Although Dom had never worked in a house cleaning business before, he said he took the opportunity to research what was needed and with his previous handyman skills, successfully started AAA Pressure Cleaning and Softwashing.

“To tell you the truth, I was previously unemployed and just sick of not having a job,” he said.

“I saw a need for this in Bundaberg and I gave it a shot.

“I used the $500 I was given to buy equipment and then made a start.

“Because you can’t live on that to support your kids.”

Dom said prior to starting AAA Pressure Cleaning and Softwashing he had spent 25 years fixing computers, but he found IT jobs were few and far between, so he took the initiative to start a small business.

The 45-year-old said after the initial set-up in September, he realised he was passionate for the job which he had never thought twice about before.

“I researched what was needed, and I do both high-pressure cleaning, and soft washing where chemicals are used,” Dom said.

“I just love it.”

Now instead of sitting behind a computer screen Dom spends his days climbing to roof tops, spraying fences and house exteriors to rid them of mould, and every day he said was new and exciting.

Check out the AAA Pressure Cleaning and Softwashing Facebook page here.

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