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Kerry’s colourful oasis a dream come true

Kerry Forrester in her Sharon garden.

Kerry Forrester has transformed a neglected backyard into her dream garden filled with colour and native wildlife.

The creation started four years ago with Kerry’s vision of a subtropical garden and her goal of always having a plant in flower.

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“After I stripped out the existing plants, I extended the gardens and also put in new gardens,” she said.

“The entire area has been redeveloped.

“The other criteria were to have different plants to what was common around this area.”

After working in Information Technology for 35 years, Kerry said this was her first major garden venture.

“Cleaning up what was here and creating my own vision has changed my life,” she said.

“I am healthy and happier than I have ever been.

“I have also grown a lot of my plants from seeds or cuttings, which has given me great satisfaction.”

Kerry said handyman Kevin Taylor had helped turn her dreams into a reality, assisting with the construction of things for her green space.

“I have a builder come in who has built a pergola, privacy wall, steps leading down to the garage and back gardens, two beautiful arbours and the side fence,” she said.

Together the two have created a flourishing oasis, home to birds, bees, frogs and more.

“The dead tree is a tree that I will never remove as it is a haven to many of the wildlife around here,” Kerry said.

“The butcher birds sing their happy little songs in this tree and the kookaburras use it to spy on any food moving around in the garden below.

“At the base of this tree is a native bee nest.”

The Bundaberg green thumb said she was given fence palings from a neighbour which were then repurposed under the house to expend the tropical garden. 

“This area and under the pergola are my dream space where I spend a lot of time relaxing, especially at the end of the day after a lot of work,” she said.

“This tropical garden is where my most favourite plants grow.”

Kerry is no stranger to being creative and upcycling items to use outdoors, creating a new perspective wherever you look.

“When I started to dig out the paths, I was digging up mostly rocks,” she said.

“I decided to use these rocks to put onto my pots for a unique look.

“The idea of the mirror gives the garden area a different dimension from every angle.

“All my plants are my favourite as they have been chosen by me and planned specifically for each garden, giving me variation with the changing seasons.”

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