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Scoot Safe events to get ride ready

Scoot safe Bundaberg Bargara
Danny Long on a Neuron e-scooter at Bargara.

As part of the roll out of e-scooters in Bundaberg and Bargara, Neuron Mobility is holding Scoot Safe events to get people ride ready and receive free e-scooter credits.

Safety ambassadors will engage one-on-one with riders and the general public to educate and highlight safety guidelines and assist with installing Neuron’s ride app.

Tourist Danny Long was one of the first to take part in a briefing on Friday morning, and give the e-scooters a try.

The Neuron ride app takes only minutes to install.

“I enjoyed it, it was great, good fun,” Danny said.

Danny was visiting Bargara from the Sunshine Coast for the Easter long weekend and said the e-scooters are a great way to see the sights.

“More communities like this should have it, to get out and make the most of the local amenities. This is definitely the way forward I think.”

He added the app was straightforward and simple to use.

Jayden Bryant, regional manager at Neuron Mobility, said the vast majority of riders in other locations have behaved safely and responsibly on the e-scooters.

“However we do want to take this opportunity, as we launch, to reinforce the rules as well as our safety guidelines,” he said.

“This is why we have deployed our safety ambassadors to help educate new riders and the general public on the rules and top safety guidelines.

“A new city means a lot of new riders, many who have never ridden an e-scooter before,” he said.

These roving Scoot Safe events will be held on the Bargara foreshore and Bundaberg CBD over the Easter long weekend.

People who come along and take part in the Scoot Safe briefing will also be awarded free credit towards future rides.

Download the Neuron ride app

Danny Long enjoyed his first e-scooter ride.
Here’s some other handy information on the new e-scooters:
  • Neuron riders must be 18 years old and above
  • E-scooters can only be ridden on the pavement, not on roads or on on-road bicycle lanes
  • Only one rider allowed per e-scooter, and no tandem riding with children
  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory, there is one on every e-scooter 
  • Maintain a safe distance between riders and pedestrians 
  • Give way to pedestrians and mobility devices (such as wheelchairs) at all times
  • Do not ride under the influence of alcohol or any other substance
  • Park responsibly, don't obstruct access areas, don’t park too close to a junction



  1. Re: e Scooter on Bargara foreshore footpath

    An e scooter travelling at high speed passed pedestrians (me and my partner) along the promenade in Bargara. The driver had no awareness of people on the footpath.

    The Turtle Playground (for toddlers and younger children) is in the path of these “Scooters”. The e scooters should be restricted (as proposed Council map), to areas like the Woongarra Scenic drive. Otherwise these “scooters” are missiles at the hands of the inexperienced.

    Worried, Bargara

  2. Geraldine is absolutely correct.
    No rules
    No signs
    No fines

    Many of these riders have music plugged into their ears reducing their awareness even further.
    All it will do is discourage even more people, especially the older and sometimes frail from enjoying the forshore. If uncontrolled dogs weren’t enough. A friend of mine was hit by one of these things in Adelaide and it wasn’t pretty once the punching started.
    Are pedestrians covered by escooter insurance ?

  3. Totally agree these scooters should be banned. 90% of riders are under 18 years old, no respect for pedestrians and the scooters are left all over the place at Bargara. Just an eyesore for our areas.

  4. I haven’t seen the introduction of the e scooters go through Council Business papers for approval before the venture started.

    Coffee like Venders using public land which is “held in trust for the pubic” have to pay a site usage fee. What fee did BRC impose on Neuron Mobility.

  5. The education of riders is a dismal failure, speeding, no helmets, lack of regard of other foreshore users, riding with a pillion passenger, all breaches of the rules and the norm. Over 18, u are kidding me, 90% are young teens. The safety ambassadors, educators must be asleep under a tree somewhere not to see what I see only for a few minutes a day. I believe all of the breaches carry a $133 fine, I’ll bet not one fine has been issued.
    I am sure that any riders breaching the rules would not be covered by any insurances.

  6. Two girls young teens, riding the same scooter, no helmets, flat chat 5.28pm, Grimwood St.
    Spoke to the police re ongoing issues 4.00pm in See St two scooters close to centre of the road coming towards me, one late teen one early teen.

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