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Woodgate Hotel outdoor dining expansion approved

Woodgate Hotel expansion
The Woodgate Hotel has plans to expand to formalise outdoor seating

Dinner and drinks overlooking the region’s stunning coastline could soon be enjoyed from two raised decks at the Woodgate Hotel following the approval of its development application.

Lodged in December last year, Mills Carter Hotels Pty Ltd was seeking the Material Change of Use for the extensions which would accommodate more outdoor, undercover dining.

The premises has been Woodgate’s “local” since about 1990 and also features a tourist park, overlooking a stretch of the 16km of pristine coastline found along the community’s foreshore.

In the application, the developer said the Woodgate Hotel extensions would benefit the local community and the tourism industry.

“The Woodgate Hotel is an established and iconic venue that services tourists and locals and this proposal involves an expansion and upgrade to the current facilities,” the application said.

“This application seeks to upgrade and improve the existing facilities through the construction of covered formalised seating areas.

“The proposal includes constructing two raised decks with roofs and establishing a roofed function area and bar on the first floor of the existing deck.

“There would also be a storage area on the southern side of the upper deck with stairs and a lift joining the ground level to the raised decks and first floor of the hotel.”

According to the application, the aim of the upgrades is to provide a more contemporary appearance but the applicant said it would not necessarily increase the number of people using the venue.

“While the proposal would result in an increase to the built form and floor area of the existing Woodgate Hotel, the use of the hotel would not intensify.

“…patrons currently use the lawn area between the front of the hotel and the car park, in addition to the area inside the venue.”

The development is proposed to be undertaken in two stages.

Stage one would semi-enclose the existing upper deck and fit out the interior for an additional bar and kitchenette, storage area, and dining and seating area.

Stage two would include two rectangular lower decks measuring 3.6 metres wide and 14.6 metres long, which would be covered with waterproof shade sails.

The decks would sit 1.2 metres high.

“Semi-enclosing the existing upper deck (Stage 1) would provide a sheltered area for patrons and may also provide a noise attenuation function,” the application said.

“The two lower decks (Stage 2) would also provide shelter as well as limit (ie. confine) the area of the site used by patrons.

“The proposed extensions would provide a more contemporary and aesthetically pleasing built form exhibiting a high standard of architecture and urban design that would contribute positively to the streetscape.”

The Woodgate Hotel development does not propose to adjust the hours of operation of the venue.

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