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Photographic exhibition at Hinkler Hall showcases WWI

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Gabriela Corridore, Lex Rowland, Dr Anna Maria Fioretti, Jack Dempsey, John Mcgrath at the opening of the exhibition at Hinkler Hall of Aviation.

The Instants and Places from the First World War exhibition is now open at Hinkler Hall of Aviation, showcasing a collection of 33 photographs captured by Luigi Marzocchi during the last year of the war.

The exhibition, created by the Embassy of Italy in Canberra in collaboration with the Museum of the Battle of Vittorio Veneto, was officially opened yesterday in the Lex Rowland Gallery.

The photographs, inclusive of precisely translated captions from Mr Marzocchi’s original notes, explore life at and around the Italian front for civilians.

They also depict the harsh conditions faced by soldiers in the mountains and valleys, together with transport and the impressive works of military engineers.

Throughout the exhibition, the destruction of war is uncovered alongside camaraderie and fraternal spirit of soldiers and the celebrations of peace to mark the end of the war.

Bundaberg’s strong ties to the Italian community, especially dating back to the historic achievements of Bert Hinkler, made the area the perfect place to display the exhibition.

Curator of the exhibition, Anna Maria Fioretti explained that Bundaberg was the only regional town to host the exhibition, having stopped in Melbourne and Brisbane previously.

“We wanted to showcase the exhibition in Bundaberg due to the strong ties the region has with Italy, particularly from Bert Hinkler,” Ms Fioretti said.

Hinkler Hall exhibition
Instants and Places from the First World War photographic exhibition is on display at the Hinkler Hall of Aviation.

She continued to discuss the significance of the exhibition to the region, with Bert Hinkler having flown over the Italian front during World War One.

“These are never before seen images in the Bundaberg Region show what Bert Hinkler would have seen during his flight across the Italian front and are spectacular from a technical point of view, but also from the emotion that they provoke,” she said.

“We look forward to continuing the partnership and working closely with the Hinkler Hall of Aviation in the future.”

The exhibition is open at the Hinkler Hall of Aviation until Sunday 16 May with free entry to the public.

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