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Forecast ideal for reef fishing

Bundaberg Show holiday fishing good to go
Aaron Kelly with a 95cm barra he caught at Lake Monduran

Bundaberg offshore

The forecast at this stage for the Bundaberg Show Holiday on Thursday should be good enough for the bigger boats to venture offshore and get stuck into some cracking reef fish off Bundaberg and 1770

Unfortunately, the wind is expected to strengthen slightly again over the weekend, restricting most of the fishing closer to shore.

As always, check the latest weather forecast before heading out as the conditions can change quickly.

Burnett River

Bundaberg Show holiday fishing good to go
Nicole James with an 83cm Flathead she caught recently in the Burnett River

The Burnett River has fished very well over the past week. The size of fish being caught on both soft plastics and bait is very impressive.

Let’s hope this continues as the weather gets cooler.

Good numbers of flathead seem to be hanging up around Austoft Rocks and Splitters Creek with some absolute crackers amongst them.

Blue Salmon have finally moved into the town reach and can be easily located by using quality side imaging sounders.

Most anglers are using the soft vibes between 20-30kg to target these salmon and they can be fantastic fun on light gear.

Baffle Creek and Kolan Creek

Even though it’s starting to get late for mud crabs, the full moon tides this week seemed to flush plenty out and some absolute studs were caught in both systems.

Whilst the mangrove jack have slowed down, the cooler weather species such as flathead, whiting, and grunter have fired up.

Towards the mouth of the river, trevally and large queenfish can be targeted by using many techniques.

Poppers and stick baits are by far the most exciting way to catch these speedsters. 

Lake Gregory

This small impoundment just outside of Bundaberg remains to be one of the best Australian Bass fisheries in QLD.

The bass aren’t fussy and can be caught on poppers, spinner baits small blade soft plastics and tail spinners.

As the water gets cooler the bass will school up out in the deeper water.

This is where you can refine your technique and at times the action can be red hot.

Lake Monduran

Bundaberg Show holiday fishing good to go
Young Lucas with a 55cm flathead he caught in the Baffle Creek with his first ever use of a lure and baitcaster

I reckon Lake Monduran is going to be a popular destination on the Bundaberg Show Holiday.

With the daytime temperature up to 27 degrees, the full moon the night before and a high barometer, the barra should be willing to play the game.

Trolling along timber lines further up the dam is accounting for a large percent of the barra caught.

I prefer to cast lures such as the Jackall Squirrel through snags where the barra are holding and then waiting for that bite that all barra fishermen love.

Fish with confidence

Dale Smith

Tackle World Bundaberg

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