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Friends of Nardoo share their green thumbs

Friends of Nardoo
Plant enthusiast have formed the Friends of Nardoo group to help share their green thumbs with the community.
Photo: Tricia Charman, Kym Kington, Anne Walsh, Tina McGuire, Sue Heenan, Val Honeywood and Judy Zahn.

A group of like-minded plant enthusiasts have joined forces to share their love of gardening and collecting with the community through Friends of Nardoo.

As a new initiative Friends of Nardoo aims to provide gardening advice to gardening newcomers and share handy hints and tips among fellow green thumbs.

On Saturday, the keen plant collectors held their first Friends of Nardoo plant sale, providing the community with an assortment of both indoor and outdoor plants.

Friends of Nardoo is currently made up of a mix of men and women whose passion for plants is deeply rooted into their everyday life.

Member Anne Walsh said the group was formed after COVID-19 restrictions had put a halt to small plants sales that were normally held through the year.

“We are just a group of gardeners who had a whole heap of plants that we couldn’t sell last year because of COVID, so here we are, and some of us ended up with a whole heap of plants we needed to shift,” Anne said.

“A lot of us are from the Bundaberg Bushhouse and Garden Club, and they are the ones who normally hold the sales.

“We approached Nardoo Nursery and asked if we could hold a combined plant sale here, and we are happy to provide some of our plants in return – so, it’s a great partnership.”

Anne said there was a variety of plants for sale, from bromeliads, ferns to succulents, and everything in between.

“It’s been so successful that we are now hoping to hold this twice a year or more,” she said.

“It’s good for us and it’s good for the nursery as well.”

The seven stallholders at the inaugural Friends of Nardoo plant sale all agreed there had been a fantastic turnout, and it showed the love the community had for gardening.

For more information on the next Friends of Nardoo plant sale follow Nardoo Nursery on Facebook.