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Sydney Tools hardware store proposed for Kensington

Sydney Tools
A development application has been lodged for a Sydney Tools hardware store on Johanna Boulevard

Sydney Tools has lodged an application to set up shop on Johanna Boulevard in the same week that Total Tools was granted development approval on the street.

The Sydney Tools Material Change of Use application for hardware and trade supplies was lodged by Baywater Holding Pty Ltd over land at 20 Johanna Boulevard, Kensington.

If approved, the development would have a gross floor area of 2424 m sq and fill the vacant lot between Bunnings Warehouse and the Boulevard Lodge.

“The proposed development is a natural consequence of the established character of the precinct, the zoning of the land and is a logical development of the site,” the application said.

The proposed hours of operation are 7.30 am to 5 pm seven days a week.

Sydney Tools is a family-owned company that operates throughout Australia and, according to the development application, would employ six to 12 staff onsite.

“The proposal provides a direct public benefit to the regional catchment with respect to economic development and employment,” the application said.

Onsite carparking for 51 cars has been catered to, with local architect Tomas O’Malley preparing the plans for the building.

“The business provides a facility that would be similar in appearance and scale to others in the locality and the commercial built form is typical of the type of development along Johanna Boulevard,” the application said.

“In that regard the development is commensurate with the local role and function of the centre.

“As demonstrated in the attached proposal plans, the development also incorporates a standard of urban design and landscaping that would positively contribute to the streetscape…”

The application comes amidst an apparent hardware boom for the region with a Total Tools application over the former Chipmunks building approved this week.

The development application for Sydney Tools is currently with Bundaberg Regional Council’s development group for assessment.



  1. Including bunnings that will be 4 tool places in a km. Where is most of the building happening in the region Bargara, Burnett Heads and Elliott Heads.

  2. Seems odd to me, I agree with Ross. There are many places that would make life easier for customers than in that precinct. Next to ALDI in Kepnock on the site prepared for a similar concept a few years ago or Bargara or Elliot Heads.

  3. It’s actually where the population & shops are moving lots of development work up that way… away from flood areas. There’s also a huge amount of Furniture shops there now for some reason. There’s 5 tool places in the CBD as well.

    There’s comparably little happening at Bargara, Burnett Heads & Elliott Heads. They already turned down a Masters store that would have been much closer to those areas unfortunately. I don’t see why Boylans Garden World couldn’t expand there range they have space all around them.

  4. If I lived at Bargara I’d buy my Tools at That Furniture Shop – 18 princess street they have a good range & cheap prices.

    If I lived in town I’d buy my tools at the Trading post 282 Bourbong street – Less range but always worth a look.

  5. Bargara the “City” that has 7k population thinks it has building happening… reminds me that Bundaberg wasn’t considered a City until it was 10 times larger. It was a town before that & when it was Bargara size it was just a region.

    Currently roughly the size of 1.5 Bundaberg suburbs.

    Burnett Heads is smaller 60% the size of a Bundaberg Suburb.
    Elliott Heads is even smaller 25% the size of a Bundaberg Suburb.

  6. With 2 specialist tool stores this close Bunnings might stop stocking or reduce stock on certain things to focus on other products. There’s also certain items & brands you can’t buy at Bunnings that I have to go into Taylors or Miter10 for.

  7. I guess they must believe there is a market for their tools or they wouldn’t be throwing a heap of cash at opening in Bundy… I live at Bargara and am perfectly happy to go to Bundy to make purchases that can’t be made in Bargara. The best way to spoil a quaint beachside town is to throw large multinational commerce centres in – yuck! I’m more in favour of more enhancing the beachside lifestyle and tourist offerings by bicycle/scooter/pedestrian paths into town and substantially more outdoor exercise equipment in various locations. Every park has multiple pieces of kids playground equipment yet we have only a couple of outdoor exercise options for anyone over the age of 7.

  8. Bundaberg need Sydney tools to make the tools in Bundaberg more competitive for people purchasing them would be great to see a store like Sydney tools come to Bundaberg many of us tradesmen would love it

    Bundaberg need Sydney tools to make the tools in Bundaberg more competitive for people purchasing them would be great to see a store like Sydney tools come to Bundaberg many of us tradesmen would love it

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